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Repository contains many notebooks focused on scientific Python usage in tutorial way
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Example Data Science Notebook
Python Data Science Handbook
SKLearn Tutorial


All tutorials below are prepared as Jupyter Notebooks

These are:

  • 00_Jupyter - tutorial of basic and advanced usage of Jupyter Notebooks
  • 01_cookbook - very broad tutorial of scientific Python usage in specific applications from statystics and machine learning to signal processing. Also good ways and practices of optimization
  • Bokeh - tutorial of Bokeh visualization
  • Cheatsheets - many cheatsheets about R and Python
  • Example Data Science Notebook - very detailed and well prepared example of notebook about classification on Iris dataset
  • Python Data Science Handbook - great tutorial of most important machine learning Python libraries - NumPy, Pandas, matplotlib and Scikit-Learn. Also IPython chapter
  • SKLearn Tutorial - look at basic Scikit-Learn algorithms
  • Titanic - well prepared and detailed notebook about classification on Titanic dataset
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