Simple and fast methods to read private properties and call private methods
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PHP Private Access

Packagist Packagist Travis

A small simple library to access private properties of the objects. Actually it's more an example of mad skillz than a useful tool. No Reflection API calls!


These four simple functions can come in handy as helpers for something like PsySH


use function SandFoxMe\Debug\get_private_field;
use function SandFoxMe\Debug\set_private_field;
use function SandFoxMe\Debug\call_private_method;
use function SandFoxMe\Debug\get_private_const;

get_private_field($a, 'secret'); // get $a->secret value
set_private_field($a, 'secret', 'new secret'); // set new $a->secret value
call_private_method($a, 'doStuff', 'whatever'); // call $a->doStuff('whatever')

// Use class name to do static!

get_private_field(A::class, 'secret'); // get A::$secret value
set_private_field(A::class, 'secret', 'new secret'); // set new A::$secret value
call_private_method(A::class, 'doStuff', 'whatever'); // call A::doStuff('whatever')

// In PHP 7.1 you can also access private constants

get_private_const($a, 'SECRET_CONST');
// or
get_private_const(A::class, 'SECRET_CONST');


Add the following to your composer.json:

    "require-dev": {
        "sandfoxme/private-access": "*"

Why "require-dev"?

This library may be used for debugging or with PHP consoles like PsySH. If you are actually using it in some live system, you're doing something terribly wrong.


MIT, see