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@ricksladkey ricksladkey Can't figure out how to make a relative link to the root of the wiki, using full link. 421d663
@ricksladkey ricksladkey Add a point to nightlies link. 568b203
@skyluc skyluc Updated Home (markdown) 5ac2e66
@dragos dragos Removed obsolete sentence 9bf0449
@dragos dragos Update nightly link 10a79ad
@dragos dragos Updated the build profiles and tycho options. 7e92e09
@dotta dotta updated buid section to use parent's POM profiles 254da41
@dragos dragos Updated Developer Documentation (markdown) edab33b
@dotta dotta Updated install notes to use V3.0 (and deleted the update site for nightlies as we have a bit of a mess wrt nightlies atm) 9cad763
@huitseeker huitseeker typo d351615
@dotta dotta Updated building notes to reflect latest changes in project's POM. ca8dc0d
@dotta dotta Worksheet is available in any of the milestone update-sites. The ecosystem naming convention has been discontinued. ac854d6
@dotta dotta Updated Home (markdown) 639f901
@dotta dotta Updated Home (markdown) 4725535
@dotta dotta Updated Build the Worksheet (markdown) 8809a65
@dotta dotta Updated Getting Started (rest) 0cce9d1
@dotta dotta replaced install JPEG with PNG (better quality) e0b7f4e
@dotta dotta Updated Getting Started (rest) 242d7dc
@dotta dotta Updated Getting Started (rest) fe29a85
@dotta dotta Updated Getting Started (rest) 36953a4
@dotta dotta Added installation image e6f773e
@dotta dotta Updated Getting Started (rest) bd062d7
@dotta dotta Updated Getting Started (rest) 6378bd7
@dotta dotta Updated Getting Started (rest) 2e50ad2
@dotta dotta Updated Home (markdown) 58e2212
@dotta dotta Updated Home (markdown) 0cc3fee
@dotta dotta Updated Developer Documentation (markdown) 608c264
@dotta dotta Updated Developer Documentation (markdown) 865d399
@dotta dotta Updated Home (markdown) b61ae0e
@dotta dotta Moved build instruction in a different page d5107f9
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