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Issue #1 tracks high-level plans for It gives entry points for release-level issues as well as broader goals that correspond to rough milestones over the next year. In practice, these goals are pretty hit-and-miss w.r.t. people actually doing the necessary work, but they are reported here as aspirations and for discussion.

See also #2 for vocabulary and #3 for infrastructure overview issues.

Release plans

Issues Overview

We label issues by topic, workflow status and organize them into rough milestones. The most concrete milestone is the next upcoming release, which we give a (slightly cryptic) issue name e.g. sdo-ganymede that can be used to name Git branches, test sites etc. without forcing us to decide its ultimate version number. Other milestones are named for years or (more commonly) quarters, e.g. Q3 2015.

We try to avoid unlabelled issues. The most important labels and entry points are:

Github offers various views that can be useful, in particular issues listed by Milestone and Label will help. Please take a look for an existing discussion before creating new issues.

Broad plans

  • Q1 2015: consolidate cleanup from late 2014 towards a v2 release including a versioned snapshot
  • launch extensions model (alongside v2)
  • launch 2+ specific initial hosted extensions, likely bib: #431 and auto: #509 (aiming for early June 2015)
  • #258 collaborate with GS1 on external extensions, including mappings and workflow (draft for June 2015)
  • various overflow issues from #510 items that don't reach consensus/closure in time for sdo-ganymede release.
  • As of late Q3 2016, our documentation for people proposing extensions (hosted, external or for the core) is not as good as it could be. This deserves more attention during Q4 2016.

Q4 2015

  • refresh medical/health work as a hosted extension: develop with Healthcare Schema CG, including or alongside an extension for US medical/healthcare insurance.
  • refresh Automotive ontology, updating in light of feedback in automotive ontology CG and here
  • refresh sports work as a hosted extension via Sports CG
  • engage with Archives CG
  • develop with BibExtend CG + BibFrame collaborators
  • Document use of with W3C CSVW standards
  • more here... (for discussion...)

Meeting agenda and notes

  • #587 2015-05-28
  • #588 2015-06-11
  • (July/August email only)
  • #775 2015-09-03
  • In Nov 2015 we agreed to stop our regular audio calls and operate in public email/github primarily.

Steering Group background

Elaborating on -

The day to day operations of, including decisions regarding the schema, are handled by a steering group, which includes representatives of the sponsor companies and a small number of individuals who have contributed substantially to and related standards. The steering group typically makes decisions by consensus. All members of the steering group have the same standing. The steering group is currently chaired by R.V.Guha, who does not represent his employer in this capacity. Discussions of the steering group are public, see!forum/schema-org-sg

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Linked #1

Move of fibo extension proposals (PR #1300) in to pending - A candidate for 'in between releases' release.

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