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A rest API structure made with Express.js ready to use.
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Quick Express

A rest API structure made with Express.js ready to use.

Getting started

Configure and understand your project

The src folder is the place where your project stays.

  • Set your settings in src/settings.ts
    • Put any random in string auth.secret, it will serve to generate authentication tokens
      • The larger and more variety of characters (including special characters), the safer it will be.
  • Set your routes and point them to his component in src/settings.ts
  • Place your modules in src/modules/ and describe them in src/modules.ts
  • Your models stay at src/models/. Quick Express comes with TypeORM as its default ORM
  • Place your middlewares in src/middlewares.ts

The project already have the ability to provide secure authentication

POST /users - Create a new user
POST /users/login - Login with email and password`
POST /users/refresh - Get new access and refresh tokens

The project come with a component called tasks, it show you the appropiate way to make a good restful api. This endpoints only works with authenticated users.

GET /tasks - Retrieves all logged user tasks
GET /tasks/1 - Retrieves a specific task
POST /tasks - Creates a new task
PATCH /tasks/1 - Updates task #1
DELETE /tasks/1 - Deletes task #1

CLI Tool

Quick Express comes with a simple CLI tool to generate components such as Models and Modules, take a try:

npm run quick generate module exampleModule
npm run quick generate model exampleModel

Install your node dependencies

npm install


npm start

Use docker if you prefer

docker-compose up
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