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Foundational tools for omics data in the life sciences

Welcome to scverse!

scverse is a community that develops and maintains foundational tools for single-cell omics data analysis in primarily Python.

Here's how to get started:

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  1. scanpy scanpy Public

    Single-cell analysis in Python. Scales to >1M cells.

    Python 1.8k 586

  2. anndata anndata Public

    Annotated data.

    Python 535 150

  3. muon muon Public

    muon is a multimodal omics Python framework

    Python 206 28

  4. mudata mudata Public

    Multimodal Data (.h5mu) implementation for Python

    Python 72 16

  5. scvi-tools scvi-tools Public

    Deep probabilistic analysis of single-cell and spatial omics data

    Python 1.2k 343

  6. scirpy scirpy Public

    A scanpy extension to analyse single-cell TCR and BCR data.

    Python 205 32


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