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DeepDiff v 6.3.0

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  • DeepDiff: Deep Difference of dictionaries, iterables, strings, and ANY other object.
  • DeepSearch: Search for objects within other objects.
  • DeepHash: Hash any object based on their content.
  • Delta: Store the difference of objects and apply them to other objects.
  • Extract: Extract an item from a nested Python object using its path.
  • commandline: Use DeepDiff from commandline.

Tested on Python 3.7+ and PyPy3.

What is new?

Please check the ChangeLog file for the detailed information.

DeepDiff 6-3-0

  • PrefixOrSuffixOperator: This operator will skip strings that are suffix or prefix of each other.
  • include_obj_callback and include_obj_callback_strict are added by Håvard Thom.
  • Fixed a corner case where numpy's np.float32 nans are not ignored when using ignore_nan_equality by Noam Gottlieb
  • orjson becomes optional again.
  • Fix for ignore_type_in_groups with numeric values so it does not report number changes when the number types are different.

DeepDiff 6-2-0

  • Major improvement in the diff report for lists when items are all hashable and the order of items is important.


Install from PyPi:

pip install deepdiff

If you want to use DeepDiff from commandline:

pip install "deepdiff[cli]"

If you want to improve the performance of DeepDiff with certain functionalities such as improved json serialization:

pip install "deepdiff[optimize]"



Please take a look at the CHANGELOG file.


📣 Please fill out our fast 5-question survey so that we can learn how & why you use DeepDiff, and what improvements we should make. Thank you! 👯


  1. Please make your PR against the dev branch
  2. Please make sure that your PR has tests. Since DeepDiff is used in many sensitive data driven projects, we strive to maintain around 100% test coverage on the code.

Please run pytest --cov=deepdiff --runslow to see the coverage report. Note that the --runslow flag will run some slow tests too. In most cases you only want to run the fast tests which so you wont add the --runslow flag.

Or to see a more user friendly version, please run: pytest --cov=deepdiff --cov-report term-missing --runslow.

Thank you!


How to cite this library (APA style):

Dehpour, S. (2023). DeepDiff (Version 6.3.0) [Software]. Available from

How to cite this library (Chicago style):

Dehpour, Sep. 2023. DeepDiff (version 6.3.0).


Please take a look at the AUTHORS file.