Python script that extracts tiles from map server and reconstitutes an image.
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Poseidon is Python script that extracts tiles from the NEPTUN map server and reconstitutes them as an image.

  1. Select a map you desire from NEPTUN.
  2. Start the script by either:
    • passing the parameters through the command line:

      python [output filename] [NEPTUN code] [zoom level] [tile size]

      python namur_city 6/007B 2

      python namur_city 6/007B 3 256

    • or, respond to the prompts (defining tile size is not an option). Poseiden asks for:

      • an arbitrary map name,
      • the map code (formatted something like 6/005),
      • the zoom level (1 will be a small image, 5 very large and high resolution)