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Unicorn/KVM shim for JKDF2, later C reimplementation maybe
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in game


qmake && make && ./openjkdf2 JK.EXE


The game currently runs (almost) perfectly with the 8bpp software renderer or DirectX with 3D acceleration.

Filenames are case-sensitive to whatever the game wants. Notable files are resource/, resource/Res1hi.gob, resource/Res2.gob, resource/video/01-02a.smk, episode/JK1.gob, episode/JK1CTF.gob, and JK1MP.gob in order to get to the menu.


Star Wars: Droid Works can be run using the -forceswrend -nojk options. Filenames are also case sensitive: dwCD.GOB, dwHD.GOB, dwMin.GOB, dwStream.GOB, plus some stuff in Movie.

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