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Healing implementation


Healing has been recently introduced in Simulationcraft, with the priest being the first healer supported so far. It is still young, do not expect the same maturity level as you can be used to in Simulationcraft. For example, fights in Simulationcraft are unidimensional: all players, pets and targets are on the same axis, only the distance from the main target changes. besides, although players can lose health (because they're tanking or suffering from damages on the whole raid), they will continue to perform actions after their death (and there may be some fancy bugs here). As a result, some spells exhibit a behaviour slightly different from their in-game counterparts.

Regarding the reports, only the total healing done will be reported, not the actual healing done or the overhealing.

Setting up a simulation

To use healing features in Simulationcraft, import or declare a discipline or holy priest and ensure his role is set to "heal" (should be the default for those specs). We also suggest you add other players, even dummy ones (add single lines such as "warrior=john"). And maybe a tank (use "role=tank").


Regarding the targets, by default it is always the caster himself. Although the default target cannot be changed, you can explicitly specify on every action the target of your choice. You can also add a condition to check the target's health, see ActionLists.

 # Cast flash heal on John when he has less than 50% health.

Spells with many targets are detailed in the next section; eligible targets will be friendly, non-pet, targets in range (when relevant) and they will be sequentially chosen (following the declaration or importation order) unless specified otherwise.

Spells implementation notes

Textual configuration interface

This section is a part of the TCI reference.

Regular spells are not mentioned here, you just have to follow the standard names formatting rules.

Lingering Insanity

There exists a dummy action called "lingering_insanity", which can be called as a pre-combat action to set the stacks of Lingering Insanity going into combat.

  • stacks: Number of stacks to trigger
  • duration: Remaining duration of lingering insanity.
  # Start with 34 stacks of Lingering Insanity and a remaining duration of 27 seconds.
  actions.precombat +=/lingering_insanity,stacks=34,duration=27

Power Word: Shield

By default PWS will debuff the target with the Weakened Soul debuff and prevent PWS from being cast on that target until it expires. To simulate PWS spam over an entire raid, without having to simulate an entire raid, you can use the 'ignore_debuff' option.

  # Chain spam PWS


Regular buffs for this class are not mentioned here, you just have to follow the standard names formatting rules. Also, don't forget that set bonuses are added as buffs to a character. Buffs can be used in conditional expressions for actions, see ActionLists#Buffs_and_debuffs.

Ignore Healing Events

Since Simulationcraft 7.1.5 release 2 an option called priest_ignore_healing was added. This option allows you to ignore healing events that are generated by damage spells, namely Vampiric Touch. This option has focus on DPS-only simulations, in which Healing events are not important to keep track of. In these simulations, using this option will reduce the total amount of time required to finish them.


We only document here non-obvious entries.