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Awesome Symfony Awesome

A list of awesome Symfony bundles, utilities and resources.

Table of contents:


  • AdminCrudBundle - AdminCrudBundle - Use SensioGeneratorBundle. Extend controller, add paginator, filter, others.
  • AdmingeneratorGeneratorBundle - Admingenerator for Symfony2, parse generator.yml files to build classes
  • EasyAdminBundle - Simple admin generator for Symfony applications
  • SonataAdminBundle - AdminBundle - The missing Symfony2 Admin Generator
  • AdminLTEBundle - Admin theme based on the AdminLTE Template
  • Umbrella framework - Admin components and theme to create administration backends.
  • TablerBundle - Admin theme based on the Tabler Template. It ships with many twig helpers (functions, filter, embeds, macros and includes).



  • Facebook - notable, large and active Facebook groups:
  • IRC:
    • #symfony - Official IRC channel for Symfony support.
    • #symfony-docs - Channel to discuss about the documentation of Symfony.
  • Local:
    • Community events - Find Symfony events near you.
    • Meetup - Get involved locally and find Symfony users from your local area.
  • Telegram - Symfony group on Telegram.
  • Quora - Symfony topics on Quora.
  • Reddit - Ask and answer questions, discussion.
  • SensioLabs Connect - Developer social network, earn achievements for your community involvement and commitment.
  • Slack - Symfony on Slack, platform for team communication.
  • Stack Overflow - Symfony support on Stack Overflow.
  • Twitter - Keep up with Symfony news in a twitter-like way.




  • Aimeos - Ultra fast PHP e-commerce framework for #gigacommerce
  • Bamboo - Full-stack E-commerce application based on Symfony and Elcodi components
  • Elcodi - E-commerce PHP Components and Symfony Bundles
  • Sylius - E-Commerce PHP framework built on top of Symfony with component-based architecture and format-agnostic rendering





Payments Management

  • CartBundle - High quality cart for developers.
  • JMSPaymentCoreBundle - This bundle provides the foundation for various payment plugins.
  • JMSPaymentPaypalBundle - Payment Bundle providing access to the PayPal API.
  • MangopayBundle - Mangopay API implementation for Symfony2.
  • PaymentAdyenBundle - Provides access to the Adyen API. Based on JMSPaymentCoreBundle.
  • PayumBundle - Rich payment solutions for symfony2. Paypal, Stripe, Payex, Authorize.NET, Be2bill, Klarna, recurring paymens, instant notifications and many more


  • BernardBundle - Bernard is a multi-backend PHP library for creating background jobs for later processing.
  • GearmanBundle - A bundle intended to provide an easy way to support developers who need to use job queues.
  • HeriJobQueueBundle - This Symfony bundle provides the use of Zend Queue from Zend Framework.
  • JMSJobQueueBundle - Allows to schedule console commands as jobs.
  • LeezyPheanstalkBundle - Bundle for Pheanstalk, PHP client for beanstalkd queue.
  • qpush-bundle - The QPush Bundle relies on the Push Queue model of Message Queues to provide asynchronous processing in your application.
  • RabbitMqBundle - RabbitMQ bundle.
  • RSQueueBundle - Queues infrastructure based on Redis, with Producer-Consumer and Publisher-Subscriber
  • Enqueue - Provides a common way for programs to create, send, read messages. Inspired by Java JMS



  • Symfony Recipes - Symfony recipes allow the automation of Composer packages configuration via the Symfony Flex Composer plugin.
  • Symfony Recipes (Contrib) - Symfony recipes allow the automation of Composer packages configuration via the Symfony Flex Composer plugin.


Service Container

  • CraueConfigBundle - Manages configuration settings stored in the database and makes them accessible via a service in your Symfony 2 project.
  • JMSDiExtraBundle - Provides Advanced Dependency Injection Features.
  • KutnyAutowiringBundle - a bundle providing autowiring for service arguments.
  • PHP-DI - The dependency injection container for humans.


Template Engine

Third Party APIs

User Management

  • HWIOAuthBundle - OAuth client integration. Supports both OAuth1.0a and OAuth2.
  • JmikolaAutoLoginBundle - This bundle integrates the AutoLogin library with Symfony2, which implements a security firewall listener to authenticate users based on a single query parameter.
  • JMSSecurityExtraBundle - Enhances the Security Component with several new features.
  • SamlBundle - The SamlBundle adds support for SAML 2.0 Service Provider in Symfony2.
  • two-factor-bundle - This Symfony2 bundle provides two-factor authentication for your website.


  • dms-filter-bundle - Provides a FilterService to allow users to implement input filtering in entities using Annotations.
  • PasswordStrengthBundle - Validator for ensuring strong passwords.
  • vatin-bundle - A Symfony2 bundle for the VATIN library (validate VAT identification numbers).

Web Services

  • api2symfony-bundle - Symfony 2 bundle allowing to automatically generate controllers from standard API specifications.
  • BazingaHateoasBundle - Integration of the Hateoas library.
  • DunglasAngularCsrfBundle - Automatic CSRF protection for Symfony APIs used with AngularJS and other major AJAX libraries
  • DunglasApiBundle - Bundle to build hypermedia-driven REST API.
  • FOSOAuthServerBundle - A server side OAuth2 bundle.
  • FOSRestBundle - Provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API's & applications.
  • JMSSerializerBundle - Easily serialize, and deserialize data of any complexity.
  • JSONApiBundle - Bundle which provides support for formatting REST reponses to follow the JSON API specification.
  • KnpJsonSchemaBundle - Provide a service which allow you to generate json schema based on validation metadata.
  • LemonRestBundle - An opinionated bundle providing REST endpoints for Doctrine entities.
  • LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle - This bundle provides JWT (Json Web Token) authentication for your REST API using the lcobucci/jwt library.
  • NelmioApiDocBundle - Generates documentation for your REST API from annotations.
  • NelmioCorsBundle - Adds ability to add CORS-related headers based on simple ACL-style per-URL configurations.
  • RateLimitBundle - Add rate limits to your controllers/actions easily through annotations.
  • RequestLimitBundle - With this bundle you can easy limit requests to your application.
  • ResourceBundle - Bundle that helps in developing REST APIs.
  • SerializedResponseBundle - A simple bundle to provide an easy way to send out json/xml/yaml responses of serialized objects with annotations.
  • SRIORestUploadBundle - A symfony bundle to handle multiple upload ways on your REST API.



To the extent possible under law, Emanuele Minotto (the repo's original creator) and SitePoint have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


A list of awesome Symfony bundles, utilities and resources.






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