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##A wearable gesture interface


Check out the TED video to get a good idea of what the project is about.

For more information on SixthSense software and hardware, see:

Detailed documentation is in progress.

64-bit users!

There are currently some problems plaguing 64 bit systems that we're trying to fix. Until then, follow these steps to debug the code under 64-bit systems (in Visual Studio):

  1. From top menu select "Build", then "Configuration Manager". After adding a new "x86" platform inherited from debug platform, we see a new platform in the list and the old one is removed.

  2. From the new platform displayed we click on Platform column to see a dropdown containing 3 options "or more", the first is "Any CPU", the second is <New...>, and the third is <Edit...>, select <New...>, a window will open to choose the platform.

  3. Select x86 then hit OK.

  4. Click debug, it runs as it should.

Mailing List

This is where most of the discussion goes on.

Please read the rest of this README before asking a question on the mailing list


We use C# (tested on Windows, not Mono) with OpenCV (for .NET).


To get started, there's all kinds of indentation issues in the codebase, fix those so you can get a feel for how all the code is laid out.


We use tabs-as-spaces, with 4 spaces for identation. There's all kinds of identation issues, and we encourage people to fix those.


We're working on an Android port, but, it is nowhere near complete. We'll have more details ready once we've developed some of the UI.


The current code only runs on Windows, under the CLR virtual machine (i.e. C#).

Java (Linux, Mac OS X, Android, etc.) - Dhaivat - (see java branch)

If you're working on a porting SixthSense to a different environment (*nix, Mac OS X, Android, etc.) please list it here, with some kind of link to code.

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