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Creating the Player

Open your spawn menu (default key: Q), go to the Entities tab, and then click the icon for PlayX near the bottom. Note that the repeater lets you display the screen again in other places, but you need to spawn the player before you can spawn a repeater.

Note: Some of the models are from CS:S, Portal, or DoD:S. Users missing content for those games will be unable to see the video on those models.

Playing Videos

To play videos, find the “Administrate” panel under the Options tab of the spawn/tool menu (default key: Q), under “PlayX”.

  • Provider: Type of video/media; you can have PlayX auto-detect based on the URL.
  • Start At: Time to skip; you can write it as “m:ss”. It will only work for YouTube and Vimeo videos.
  • Use JW player when applicable: Uncheck to use the default YouTube embedded player.
  • Force low frame rate: Causes PlayX to not render the video (useful for music videos).

Searching YouTube from Chat

The Media Query extension allows you to search for YouTube videos right from chat. If you downloaded PlayX from, then it will automatically be installed. See the Media Query page to learn how to utilize these features.

Client-side Settings

  • Enabled: toggles PlayX on and off.
  • Volume: adjusts the volume of the player. Doesn’t work for all types of videos.
  • Hide Player: hides what is playing. Depending on what is playing, you may or may not be able to resume afterwards.
  • Re-initialize player: restarts the player (but it will continue off where it was). Appears when something resumable is playing.
  • Resume Player: resumes the media after you had pressed "Hide Player.


Double-click a bookmark to play it. Right click on a bookmark to edit it or copy the URI/URL to your clipboard. To add bookmarks (and edit them), click the “Manage Bookmarks…” button at the very bottom.

Bookmarks Manager

To create a bookmark, enter / change the values in the textboxes and then press “Add.” To edit a bookmark, select a bookmark from the list, change the fields, and then click “Update.” You can also click the “Add” button to duplicate this bookmark, although you cannot have two bookmarks with the same title.

The “Reload” and “Save” buttons force a load and save of the bookmarks file. Every time you make an edit to your bookmarks, the changes are automatically saved, however.


Bookmarks can be assigned a single keyword. To use keywords, in the URI box on the “Administrate” panel, while using “auto-detect,” enter the keyword of the bookmark. Hit the “Open Media” button as usual.

Wiremod Inputs

The playx_wire_input cvar must be enabled (disabled by default).

To play a video, feed a URI and any other details as you would normally, and then set the “Open” input to a value of 1 or above. Note that Wiremod works by “triggering” inputs, not by keeping the state of inputs, so even if you last set Open to “1”, you can set Open to “1” again and it will work. To stop playing media, trigger “Close” with a value of 1 or above. You must wait to start another video again to as a measure against bad programming and abusive activities. This delay is governed by both the cvars playx_race_protection and playx_wire_input_delay, whichever is longer.

If an error occurs (if nothing happens), check the “InputError” output for an explanation. InputError is set to "" when either a Close or Open operation succeeds.

Be aware that the “Provider” input is case-sensitive, and the provider IDs in PlayX are not all lowercase. The YouTube provider is internally called “YouTube”, not “youtube”.

Server PlayX Configuration

  • playx_host_url (def. “”)
    Path to a very important file.
  • playx_jw_url (def. “”)
    Path to the JW player.
  • playx_jw_youtube (def. “1”)
    Use the JW player for YouTube. If you are planning to host the JW player for yourself, then remember to host the “yt.swf” file too.
  • playx_admin_timeout (def. “120”)
    Delay after all administrators have left the server before automatically stopping what’s playing. This is defined in seconds. Use “0” to disable this feature.
  • playx_expire (def. “-1”)
    Number of seconds to wait after a video is supposed to have ended to stop the video. People have to buffer and such, so either don’t use this at all or give a large grace time. Use “-1” to disable.
  • playx_race_protection (def. “1”)
    Number of seconds that users must wait before starting another video. This is to prevent two or more users unintentionally starting a video at the same instant. Set to “0” or less to disable.
  • playx_wire_input (def. “1”)
    Allow Wiremod inputs to control the player.
  • playx_wire_input_delay (def. “2”)
    Number of seconds that users must wait before starting another video via the Wiremod inputs. Note that videos started via the PlayX panel will be counted in this counter. Set to “0” or less to disable.

Advanced Usage

Editing Bookmarks Outside Gmod

PlayX’s bookmarks are saved in a regular CSV file that can be opened with Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or even Notepad. Once you have edited your bookmarks at least once (or hit the “Save” button in the bookmarks manager), the bookmarks file for PlayX will exist in your “garrysmod” folder at data/playx/bookmarks.txt.

The columns are, in this order:

  1. Title (each bookmark needs to have a unique title)
  2. Provider (may be blank for auto-detect)
  3. URI
  4. Keyword
  5. Start at time (0:00 by default)
  6. Force low framerate (put 1 for true, or leave blank otherwise)

Be aware that some programs, namely Excel, may pester you to re-save the bookmarks file in a “more advanced” format. PlayX is only able to read CSV files, so continue to say “No” to these dialogs.

If you decide to edit the bookmarks file while playing Gmod, be sure to hit the “Reload” button in the bookmarks manager to reload the file. Don’t edit a bookmark in PlayX until you have done this, as that will overwrite your external changes.

Importing Bookmarks from YouTube

You can import your bookmarks from your YouTube favorites or playlists by using this tool:

Copy the output into your data/playx/bookmarks.txt file.

Automatic Bookmark Backup

Every time you join a game / start a single player game or use the “Reload” button in the bookmarks manager, PlayX will save a backup of the bookmarks file as bookmarks_backup.txt in the same folder as bookmarks.txt (see above). Should you manage to somehow royally screw over your bookmarks list while editing it, you can go to this folder and get the backup file to replace the bookmarks file. Remember to hit “Reload” to reload the bookmarks file.

The next time you hit “Reload” or join a game / start a single player game, the bookmarks backup file will be rewritten, so it is imperative that you fix your bookmarks immediately. Quitting Gmod will not rewrite the backup file, however.