Sky Map (formerly Google Sky Map, open sourced in 2012)

Sky Map Build Status

Code Quality: Java Total Alerts

This is the source repository for Sky Map. You should see the following two directories:

  • app: Application source
  • tools: Source for generating binary data used by the app.

To build SkyMap, you can use Android Developer Studio or Gradle. Begin by by creating a file containing the location of your Android installation:

sdk.dir=<path to your SDK>

Android Developer Studio can create this for you. You can regenerate the datafiles and rebuild everything with the script.

Building a debug apk

From the root directory execute

./gradlew assembleDebug

The apk can be found in app/build/outputs/apk/.

Building a release apk

(Sky Map team only)

Create a file in the app directory called with appropriate values for the keys store-pwd= key-pwd= analytics-key=

From the root directory execute

./gradlew assemble


./gradlew assembleRelease

The apk can be found in app/build/outputs/apk/.

Running tests

./gradlew app:connectedGmsDebugAndroidTest

Regenerating the star data files

The data files need munging to take into account the string ID files in the generated R file. Information on how to do this is in the tools directory. If you update any strings in Sky Map it's quite likely you'll have to regenerate the star data files or the app will crash or put incorrect labels on things.

Code and Language Contributions

In general, bug fix contributions are welcome, though please email us first before embarking on any major changes or feature additions. We're particularly grateful for fixed or new translations.

Coding Style

We follow the Google style guide (or try to). We wrap at 100 chars and we do not use the common Android style of prefixing member variables with a 'm'.