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Chad Estioco


Chad n. chocolate-consuming, code-churning, curious creature

I currently hack all sorts of things for Kalibrr.


I never had the need to use laptops until 2008, when I entered college and figured that I could use the time between my subjects to code. I'm currently on an Lenovo IdeaPad 300 with 16GB RAM and an i7 for a processor. I have a 1 TB WD My Book Elite for back-ups and archives. Yep, my EHD is not portable since I rarely bring it on the road with me.

For artistic efforts at photography, I have Sony's SLT A35 with a handful of lenses:

  • The kit SAL1855
  • For zooms I have the SAL55200
  • SAL1650 F/2.8
  • SAL35 F/1.4


  • Linux Ubuntu for everyday stuff (I love LTS releases)
  • Windows 10 for occassional gaming or for software I can't Wine (typically has something to do with device drivers or photography)
  • Vim for coding and general text editing
  • Eclipse for when I need to use an IDE (typically, on large Java code bases or for Android projects)
  • LaTeX for preparing documents
  • Google Docs/Libre Office for when LaTeX isn't the man for the job
  • Evernote for, well, general notes and clipping stuff from the Web

Dream Set-up

I don't exactly have a dream set-up but for hardware I'm really impressed with, the 2013 Apple Mac Pro is definitely it. I'm not really set to buying one (cost and logistic factors aside) but if I ever get some Apple hardware, I'd definitely hijack it with some Linux distro immediately.

For my personal work, laptops can so far take the load but I am dreaming of a desktop rig with a 4K screen or two. I love mechanical keyboards and I currently do have one (a Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Tenkeyless) but I do not have the space to include it in my set-up, either at work or at home. I'd love to use it again.


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