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Welcome to DriftingDroids!

Ricochet Robots is a board game designed by Alex Randolph. If you don't know the game yet then you can start to read about it at Wikipedia or BoardGameGeek.

DriftingDroids is a computer version of the Ricochet Robots board game. It includes a solver algorithm that finds the optimal solutions to every game problem. You can use it as your trainer for solo playing or as a referee during real board gaming sessions.

Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE version 6 or later) is required to run DriftingDroids. You can download Java here (oracle.com).

Download DriftingDroids_1.3.7 (2018-09-17)

(all-in-one package: program + documentation + source code)

Find the list of new features and other changes on the releases page.

Here are some screenshots.

Screenshot of a game with a partially shown solution

Screenshot of Prepare page

Screenshot of Options page

For more info please read the documentation. (it's also included in the all-in-one download package)

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