find folder sizes, hard drive space analyser, total disk space, used space or free space, analyze hard disk storage, see summary of disk usage using a graphical interface
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Disk Space Informer

Find out where all your disk space has gone - works on mac, linux and windows:

prequisite is Java 1.7 (web browser plugin is useful) or above (uses nio2).

run instructions further down - you can run it in two clicks

Alt text

To run, there are three ways:

First way - via jar:

  1. download the jar from []
  2. then double click on the jar or from the command line java -jar DiskSpaceInformer.jar

Second way via JNLP:

  1. open browser and enter []
  2. This will either launch immediately or download the JNLP file.
  3. Say ok to trust message or double click on downloaded JNLP file.

Third way build source:

  1. download the source ant deploy
    java -jar jar/DiskSpaceInformer.jar
  • Download run sources in your IDE (I use intellij , should work in eclipse) and from project home run java -classpath out/production/DiskSpaceInformer/ dsi.DiskSpaceInformer

Note: out/production/DiskSpaceInformer may be different if you compile with another IDE or command-line.


  • You can select one more tree items before clicking on check space.
  • There is a properties files to set more folders to ignore (have a look at - usually in path)
  • There is logger that can be set to different levels.

To Build

Use ant and Java 1.7.0_21 was done on mac. my mac has ant 1.8.2

*Tested on lubuntu 12.10 *Tested on Mac OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) *Tested on Windows XP latest SP

New In Versions

0.1a - Intial commit a start

0.1b - Added ProgressLevel which is more accurate based on amount of files in total

  • Added extra ProgressLevel bar whilst scanning
  • Avoid symlinks

0.1c - added root drive checking.

0.1d - added tree to browse and you can interact with it to find space usage , switched to Nio2 much faster but only supports java 7 and above .

0.1e - added file vistor pattern that has responsibilty for how the folder sizes are calculated, removed progress monitor

0.1g - Added tests and dos tree style format

0.1i - Added filtering paths e.g. /proc - you can put your own in

0.1j - Added for log levels and now we have a dsi package

0.1n - Added ant for building

0.1j - Added filter for size or alphabetically

0.1s - Added table for output.

0.1t - Added Jython.

0.1u - removed Jython and added JNLP support


  • Sorting only works intially on size because I add MB's String sorting is occuring
  • More work on accuracy of file checking. Folders take space as well, sometimes file permssions get in the way ?



  • Exportability for sysadmins would be useful, may be in debug mode everything is tab separated for easy excel export.


  • Performance of getting file sizes - using nio2 is there a better way of scanning dir's


  • Break out listeners into separate classes for testing.

New Functionality to be put in:

  • Pie chart
  • Look at threading , maybe thread per folder ?


Using JUnit 4 and Fest run test via command line:

run from the root of project:

java -classpath test/lib/fest-assert-1.2.jar:test/lib/junit-4.10.jar:test/lib/fest-util-1.1.2.jar:test/lib/fest-reflect-1.2.jar:test/lib/fest-swing-1.2.jar:out/production/DiskSpaceInformer/:out/test/DiskSpaceInformer/ org.junit.runner.JUnitCore dsi.TestSuite

windows (almost the same but with semicolons)
java -classpath test/lib/fest-assert-1.2.jar;test/lib/junit-4.10.jar;test/lib/fest-util-1.1.2.jar;test/lib/fest-reflect-1.2.jar;test/lib/fest-swing-1.2.jar;out/production/DiskSpaceInformer/;out/test/DiskSpaceInformer/ org.junit.runner.JUnitCore dsi.TestSuite

Build env:

  • use ant to do jaring, jar key signing ...etc