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Servers, Tools and packages built on the Solid platform. (See also solid-apps for a list of end-user applications).


Actively maintained.

Name LDP CORS WebID IdP WebID-TLS WebID-OIDC WebID-RSA WebID-Delegation WAC WSS Open Source
gold Basic Containers, file storage Proxy Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
node-solid-server Basic Containers, file storage Proxy Yes Yes Yes No In Progress Yes Yes Yes
OpenLink Virtuoso Basic Containers, file storage, SEARCH, PATCH Yes Yes Yes In Progress Not Planned Yes Yes Yes No
rww-play Basic Containers, file storage, SEARCH Proxy Yes Yes No No N/A Yes ? Yes

No longer under active development (the team is focusing on LDNode), gold is in bugfix/maintenance mode. Reference Solid platform server written in Go. See for an example instance.


Reference Solid platform server written in Node.js/Express.

OpenLink Virtuoso

More specifically, the WebDAV File System Module a/k/a OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) Layer.  ODS is a Data Space Shim built around Virtuoso's WebDAV layer that adheres to Solid conventions of —

  • Identity — via WebID
  • Identity Verification (or Authentication) — via WebID+TLS or WebID-OIDC (WebID-OIDC is still a work-in-progress)
  • Document Access Controls (or Authorization) — via WebACLS or WAC
  • Read-Write Operations on Documents — via HTTP PATCH using application/sparql-update payloads

Minimum installation atop basic Virtuoso (Enterprise Edition only) installation is Virtuoso Authentication Layer (VAL), ODS-Framework, and ODS-Briefcase VADs.


LDP-compliant Read-Write-Web server written in Scala/Play/akka.

Legacy Servers

No longer actively maintained.


LDP PHP server, implementing LDP Basic Containers and file serving. Not implemented: WAC, WebID-RSA, or WebID-Delegation.



  • node-webid - library to manage WebID identities and certificates.

  • rdflib.js - RDF library for Linked Data applications.

  • solid.js - library to interact with Solid-compliant applications. Creates and manages LDP containers, provides WebID authentication, and more.