Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence.
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consul (consul) bootstrap script for starting consul (#1326) Dec 12, 2016
dev fix(citest): Run hal deploy apply in a login shell (#3353) Sep 18, 2018
etc fix(sh/compatibility): gradle >= 3.2 creates startup scripts using sh… Dec 19, 2017
experimental Setup volumes to make it possible to reconfigure (#1389) Feb 5, 2018
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spinbot fix(spinbot): fix missing colon (#3303) Sep 7, 2018
sponnet feat(sponnet): usage docs & release (#2992) Jul 2, 2018
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Spinnaker is a continuous delivery platform for releasing changes with high velocity and confidence.

This repository is used only to store and organize ancillary configuration, build, and testing tools for the Spinnaker project. The core code making up Spinnaker’s microservices is found in the other Spinnaker repositories.

Using Spinnaker

If you are only interested in using Spinnaker, please refer to the main Spinnaker site and Installation guide.

If you want more information on how Spinnaker is designed, see the Documentation Overview.

If you’re interested in a detailed walkthrough of the Spinnaker systems, check the Reference Material.

Setting Up Spinnaker For Development

These instructions cover pulling Spinnaker from source and setting up to run locally against any of the Cloud Providers.

To build from source and run on localhost follow the Developer Setup Guide