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This repository contains code for Computer Vision, Deep learning, and AI research articles shared on our blog

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List of Blog Posts

Blog Post Code
Understanding Visual SLAM for Robotics Perception: Building Monocular SLAM from Scratch in Python Code
Enhancing Image Segmentation using U2-Net: An Approach to Efficient Background Removal Code
YOLOv10: The Dual-Head OG of YOLO Series Code
Fine-tuning Faster R-CNN on Sea Rescue Dataset Code
Mastering Recommendation System: A Complete Guide
Automatic Speech Recognition with Diarization : Speech-to-Text Code
Building MobileViT Image Classification Model from Scratch In Keras 3 Code
SDXL Inpainting: Fusing Image Inpainting with Stable Diffusion Code
YOLOv9 Instance Segmentation on Medical Dataset Code
A Comprehensive Guide to Robotics
Integrating Gradio with OpenCV DNN Code
Fine-Tuning YOLOv9 on Custom Dataset Code
Dreambooth using Diffusers Code
Introduction to Hugging Face Diffusers Code
Introduction to Ultralytics Explorer API Code
YOLOv9: Advancing the YOLO Legacy Code
Fine-Tuning LLMs using PEFT Code
Depth Anything: Accelerating Monocular Depth Perception Code
Deciphering LLMs: From Transformers to Quantization Code
YOLO Loss Function Part 2: GFL and VFL Loss Code
YOLOv8-Object-Tracking-and-Counting-with-OpenCV Code
Stereo Vision in ADAS: Pioneering Depth Perception Beyond LiDAR Code
YOLO Loss Function Part 1: SIoU and Focal Loss Code
Moving Object Detection with OpenCV Code
Integrating ADAS with Keypoint Feature Pyramid Network for 3D LiDAR Object Detection Code
Mastering All YOLO Models from YOLOv1 to YOLO-NAS: Papers Explained (2024)
GradCAM: Enhancing Neural Network Interpretability in the Realm of Explainable AI Code
Text Summarization using T5: Fine-Tuning and Building Gradio App Code
3D LiDAR Visualization using Open3D: A Case Study on 2D KITTI Depth Frames for Autonomous Driving Code
Fine Tuning T5: Text2Text Transfer Transformer for Building a Stack Overflow Tag Generator Code
SegFormer 🤗 : Fine-Tuning for Improved Lane Detection in Autonomous Vehicles Code
Fine-Tuning BERT using Hugging Face Transformers Code
YOLO-NAS Pose Code
BERT: Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers Code
Comparing KerasCV YOLOv8 Models on the Global Wheat Data 2020 Code
Top 5 AI papers of September 2023
Empowering Drivers: The Rise and Role of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Semantic Segmentation using KerasCV DeepLabv3+ Code
Object Detection using KerasCV YOLOv8 Code
Fine-tuning YOLOv8 Pose Models for Animal Pose Estimation Code
Top 5 AI papers of August 2023
Fine Tuning TrOCR - Training TrOCR to Recognize Curved Text Code
TrOCR - Getting Started with Transformer Based OCR Code
Facial Emotion Recognition Code
Object Keypoint Similarity in Keypoint Detection Code
Real Time Deep SORT with Torchvision Detectors Code
Top 5 AI papers of July 2023
Medical Image Segmentation Code
Weighted Boxes Fusion in Object Detection: A Comparison with Non-Maximum Suppression Code
Medical Multi-label Classification with PyTorch & Lightning Code
Getting Started with PaddlePaddle: Exploring Object Detection, Segmentation, and Keypoints Code
Drone Programming With Computer Vision A Beginners Guide Code
How to Build a Pip Installable Package & Upload to PyPi
IoU Loss Functions for Faster & More Accurate Object Detection
Exploring Slicing Aided Hyper Inference for Small Object Detection Code
Advancements in Face Recognition Models, Toolkit and Datasets
Train YOLO NAS on Custom Dataset Code
Train YOLOv8 Instance Segmentation on Custom Data Code
YOLO-NAS: New Object Detection Model Beats YOLOv6 & YOLOv8 Code
Segment Anything – A Foundation Model for Image Segmentation Code
Build a Video to Slides Converter Application using the Power of Background Estimation and Frame Differencing in OpenCV Code
A Closer Look at CVAT: Perfecting Your Annotations YouTube
ControlNet - Achieving Superior Image Generation Results Code
InstructPix2Pix - Edit Images With Prompts Code
NVIDIA Spring GTC 2023 Day 4: Ending on a High Note with Top Moments from the Finale!
NVIDIA Spring GTC 2023 Day 3: Digging deeper into Deep Learning, Semiconductors & more!
NVIDIA Spring GTC 2023 Day 2: Jensen’s keynote & the iPhone moment of AI is here!
NVIDIA Spring GTC 2023 Day 1: Welcome to the future!
NVIDIA GTC Spring 2023 Curtain Raiser
Stable Diffusion - A New Paradigm in Generative AI Code
OpenCV Face Recognition – Does Face Recognition Work on AI-Generated Images?
An In-Depth Guide to Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models – From Theory to Implementation Code
From Pixels to Paintings: The Rise of Midjourney AI Art
Mastering DALL·E 2: A Breakthrough in AI Art Generation
Top 10 AI Art Generation Tools using Diffusion Models
The Future of Image Recognition is Here: PyTorch Vision Transformer Code
Understanding Attention Mechanism in Transformer Neural Networks Code
Deploying a Deep Learning Model using Hugging Face Spaces and Gradio Code
Train YOLOv8 on Custom Dataset – A Complete Tutorial Code
Introduction to Diffusion Models for Image Generation Code
Building An Automated Image Annotation Tool: PyOpenAnnotate Code
Ultralytics YOLOv8: State-of-the-Art YOLO Models Code
Getting Started with YOLOv5 Instance Segmentation Code
The Ultimate Guide To DeepLabv3 - With PyTorch Inference Code
AI Fitness Trainer using MediaPipe: Squats Analysis Code
YoloR - Paper Explanation & Inference -An In-Depth Analysis Code
Roadmap To an Automated Image Annotation Tool Using Python Code
Performance Comparison of YOLO Object Detection Models – An Intensive Study
FCOS - Anchor Free Object Detection Explained Code
YOLOv6 Custom Dataset Training – Underwater Trash Detection Code
What is EXIF Data in Images? Code
t-SNE: T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding Explained Code
CenterNet: Objects as Points – Anchor-free Object Detection Explained Code
YOLOv7 Pose vs MediaPipe in Human Pose Estimation Code
YOLOv6 Object Detection – Paper Explanation and Inference Code
YOLOX Object Detector Paper Explanation and Custom Training Code
Driver Drowsiness Detection Using Mediapipe In Python Code
GTC 2022 Big Bang AI announcements: Everything you need to know
NVIDIA GTC 2022 : The most important AI event this Fall
Object Tracking and Reidentification with FairMOT Code
What is Face Detection? – The Ultimate Guide for 2022 Code
Document Scanner: Custom Semantic Segmentation using PyTorch-DeepLabV3 Code
Fine Tuning YOLOv7 on Custom Dataset Code
Center Stage for Zoom Calls using MediaPipe Code
Mean Average Precision (mAP) in Object Detection
YOLOv7 Object Detection Paper Explanation and Inference Code
Pothole Detection using YOLOv4 and Darknet Code
Automatic Document Scanner using OpenCV Code
Demystifying GPU architectures for deep learning: Part 2 Code
Demystifying GPU Architectures For Deep Learning Code
Intersection-over-Union(IoU)-in-Object-Detection-and-Segmentation Code
Understanding Multiple Object Tracking using DeepSORT Code
Optical Character Recognition using PaddleOCR Code
Gesture Control in Zoom Call using Mediapipe Code
A Deep Dive into Tensorflow Model Optimization Code
DepthAI Pipeline Overview: Creating a Complex Pipeline Code
TensorFlow Lite Model Maker: Create Models for On-Device Machine Learning Code
TensorFlow Lite: Model Optimization for On Device Machine Learning Code
Object detection with depth measurement using pre-trained models with OAK-D Code
Custom Object Detection Training using YOLOv5 Code
Object Detection using Yolov5 and OpenCV DNN (C++/Python) Code
Create Snapchat/Instagram filters using Mediapipe Code
AUTOSAR C++ compliant deep learning inference with TensorRT Code
NVIDIA GTC 2022 Day 4 Highlights: Meet the new Jetson Orin
NVIDIA GTC 2022 Day 3 Highlights: Deep Dive into Hopper architecture
NVIDIA GTC 2022 Day 2 Highlights: Jensen’s Keynote
NVIDIA GTC 2022 Day 1 Highlights: Brilliant Start
Automatic License Plate Recognition using Python Code
Building a Poor Body Posture Detection and Alert System using MediaPipe Code
Introduction to MediaPipe Code
Disparity Estimation using Deep Learning Code
How to build Chrome Dino game bot using OpenCV Feature Matching Code
Top 10 Sources to Find Computer Vision and AI Models
Multi-Attribute and Graph-based Object Detection
Plastic Waste Detection with Deep Learning Code
Ensemble Deep Learning-based Defect Classification and Detection in SEM Images
Building Industrial embedded deep learning inference pipelines with TensorRT Code
Transfer Learning for Medical Images
Stereo Vision and Depth Estimation using OpenCV AI Kit Code
Introduction to OpenCV AI Kit and DepthAI Code
WeChat QR Code Scanner in OpenCV Code
AI behind the Diwali 2021 ‘Not just a Cadbury ad’
Model Selection and Benchmarking with Modelplace.AI Model Zoo
Real-time style transfer in a zoom meeting Code
Introduction to OpenVino Deep Learning Workbench Code
Running OpenVino Models on Intel Integrated GPU Code
Post Training Quantization with OpenVino Toolkit Code
Introduction to Intel OpenVINO Toolkit
Human Action Recognition using Detectron2 and LSTM Code
Pix2Pix:Image-to-Image Translation in PyTorch & TensorFlow Code
Conditional GAN (cGAN) in PyTorch and TensorFlow Code
Deep Convolutional GAN in PyTorch and TensorFlow Code
Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Code
Human Pose Estimation using Keypoint RCNN in PyTorch Code
Non Maximum Suppression: Theory and Implementation in PyTorch Code
MRNet – The Multi-Task Approach Code
Generative and Discriminative Models
Playing Chrome's T-Rex Game with Facial Gestures Code
Variational Autoencoder in TensorFlow Code
Autoencoder in TensorFlow 2: Beginner’s Guide Code
Deep Learning with OpenCV DNN Module: A Definitive Guide Code
Depth perception using stereo camera (Python/C++) Code
Contour Detection using OpenCV (Python/C++) Code
Super Resolution in OpenCV Code
Improving Illumination in Night Time Images Code
Video Classification and Human Activity Recognition Code
How to use OpenCV DNN Module with Nvidia GPU on Windows Code
How to use OpenCV DNN Module with NVIDIA GPUs Code
Code OpenCV in Visual Studio
Install OpenCV on Windows – C++ / Python Code
Face Recognition with ArcFace Code
Background Subtraction with OpenCV and BGS Libraries Code
RAFT: Optical Flow estimation using Deep Learning Code
Making A Low-Cost Stereo Camera Using OpenCV Code
Optical Flow in OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Introduction to Epipolar Geometry and Stereo Vision Code
Classification With Localization: Convert any keras Classifier to a Detector Code
Photoshop Filters in OpenCV Code
Tetris Game using OpenCV Python Code
Image Classification with OpenCV for Android Code
Image Classification with OpenCV Java Code
PyTorch to Tensorflow Model Conversion Code
Snake Game with OpenCV Python Code
Stanford MRNet Challenge: Classifying Knee MRIs Code
Experiment Logging with TensorBoard and wandb Code
Understanding Lens Distortion Code
Image Matting with state-of-the-art Method “F, B, Alpha Matting” Code
Bag Of Tricks For Image Classification - Let's check if it is working or not Code
Getting Started with OpenCV CUDA Module Code
Training a Custom Object Detector with DLIB & Making Gesture Controlled Applications Code
How To Run Inference Using TensorRT C++ API Code
Using Facial Landmarks for Overlaying Faces with Medical Masks Code
Tensorboard with PyTorch Lightning Code
Otsu's Thresholding with OpenCV Code
PyTorch-to-CoreML-model-conversion Code
Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with AI Code
CNN Receptive Field Computation Using Backprop with TensorFlow Code
CNN Fully Convolutional Image Classification with TensorFlow Code
How to convert a model from PyTorch to TensorRT and speed up inference Code
Efficient image loading Code
Graph Convolutional Networks: Model Relations In Data Code
Getting Started with Federated Learning with PyTorch and PySyft Code
Creating a Virtual Pen & Eraser Code
Getting Started with PyTorch Lightning Code
Multi-Label Image Classification with PyTorch: Image Tagging Code
Funny Mirrors Using OpenCV code
t-SNE for ResNet feature visualization Code
Multi-Label Image Classification with Pytorch Code
CNN Receptive Field Computation Using Backprop Code
CNN Receptive Field Computation Using Backprop with TensorFlow Code
Augmented Reality using AruCo Markers in OpenCV(C++ and Python) Code
Fully Convolutional Image Classification on Arbitrary Sized Image Code
Camera Calibration using OpenCV Code
Geometry of Image Formation
Ensuring Training Reproducibility in Pytorch
Gaze Tracking
Simple Background Estimation in Videos Using OpenCV Code
Applications of Foreground-Background separation with Semantic Segmentation Code
EfficientNet: Theory + Code Code
PyTorch for Beginners: Mask R-CNN Instance Segmentation with PyTorch Code
PyTorch for Beginners: Faster R-CNN Object Detection with PyTorch Code
PyTorch for Beginners: Semantic Segmentation using torchvision Code
PyTorch for Beginners: Comparison of pre-trained models for Image Classification Code
PyTorch for Beginners: Basics Code
PyTorch Model Inference using ONNX and Caffe2 Code
Image Classification Using Transfer Learning in PyTorch Code
Hangman: Creating games in OpenCV Code
Image Inpainting with OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Hough Transform with OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Xeus-Cling: Run C++ code in Jupyter Notebook Code
Gender & Age Classification using OpenCV Deep Learning ( C++/Python ) Code
Invisibility Cloak using Color Detection and Segmentation with OpenCV Code
Fast Image Downloader for Open Images V4 (Python) Code
Deep Learning based Text Detection Using OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Video Stabilization Using Point Feature Matching in OpenCV Code
Training YOLOv3 : Deep Learning based Custom Object Detector Code
Using OpenVINO with OpenCV Code
Duplicate Search on Quora Dataset Code
Shape Matching using Hu Moments (C++/Python) Code
Install OpenCV 4 on CentOS (C++ and Python) Code
Install OpenCV 3.4.4 on CentOS (C++ and Python) Code
Install OpenCV 3.4.4 on Red Hat (C++ and Python) Code
Install OpenCV 4 on Red Hat (C++ and Python) Code
Install OpenCV 4 on macOS (C++ and Python) Code
Install OpenCV 3.4.4 on Raspberry Pi Code
Install OpenCV 3.4.4 on macOS (C++ and Python) Code
OpenCV QR Code Scanner (C++ and Python) Code
Install OpenCV 3.4.4 on Windows (C++ and Python) Code
Install OpenCV 3.4.4 on Ubuntu 16.04 (C++ and Python) Code
Install OpenCV 3.4.4 on Ubuntu 18.04 (C++ and Python) Code
Universal Sentence Encoder Code
Install OpenCV 4 on Raspberry Pi Code
Install OpenCV 4 on Windows (C++ and Python) Code
Face Detection – Dlib, OpenCV, and Deep Learning ( C++ / Python ) Code
Hand Keypoint Detection using Deep Learning and OpenCV Code
Deep learning based Object Detection and Instance Segmentation using Mask R-CNN in OpenCV (Python / C++) Code
Install OpenCV 4 on Ubuntu 18.04 (C++ and Python) Code
Install OpenCV 4 on Ubuntu 16.04 (C++ and Python) Code
Multi-Person Pose Estimation in OpenCV using OpenPose Code
Heatmap for Logo Detection using OpenCV (Python) Code
Deep Learning based Object Detection using YOLOv3 with OpenCV ( Python / C++ ) Code
Convex Hull using OpenCV in Python and C++ Code
MultiTracker : Multiple Object Tracking using OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Convolutional Neural Network based Image Colorization using OpenCV Code
SVM using scikit-learn Code
GOTURN: Deep Learning based Object Tracking Code
Find the Center of a Blob (Centroid) using OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Support Vector Machines (SVM) Code
Batch Normalization in Deep Networks Code
Deep Learning based Character Classification using Synthetic Dataset Code
Image Quality Assessment : BRISQUE Code
Understanding AlexNet
Deep Learning based Text Recognition (OCR) using Tesseract and OpenCV Code
Deep Learning based Human Pose Estimation using OpenCV ( C++ / Python ) Code
Number of Parameters and Tensor Sizes in a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
How to convert your OpenCV C++ code into a Python module Code
CV4Faces : Best Project Award 2018
Facemark : Facial Landmark Detection using OpenCV Code
Image Alignment (Feature Based) using OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Barcode and QR code Scanner using ZBar and OpenCV Code
Keras Tutorial : Fine-tuning using pre-trained models Code
OpenCV Transparent API
Face Reconstruction using EigenFaces (C++/Python) Code
Eigenface using OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Principal Component Analysis
Keras Tutorial : Transfer Learning using pre-trained models Code
Keras Tutorial : Using pre-trained Imagenet models Code
Technical Aspects of a Digital SLR
Using Harry Potter interactive wand with OpenCV to create magic
Install OpenCV 3 and Dlib on Windows ( Python only )
Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks in Keras Code
Understanding Autoencoders using Tensorflow (Python) Code
Best Project Award : Computer Vision for Faces
Understanding Activation Functions in Deep Learning
Image Classification using Feedforward Neural Network in Keras Code
Exposure Fusion using OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Understanding Feedforward Neural Networks
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging using OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Deep learning using Keras – The Basics Code
Selective Search for Object Detection (C++ / Python) Code
Installing Deep Learning Frameworks on Ubuntu with CUDA support
Parallel Pixel Access in OpenCV using forEach Code
cvui: A GUI lib built on top of OpenCV drawing primitives Code
Install Dlib on Windows
Install Dlib on Ubuntu
Install OpenCV3 on Ubuntu
Read, Write and Display a video using OpenCV ( C++/ Python ) Code
Install Dlib on MacOS
Install OpenCV 3 on MacOS
Install OpenCV 3 on Windows
Get OpenCV Build Information ( getBuildInformation )
Color spaces in OpenCV (C++ / Python) Code
Neural Networks : A 30,000 Feet View for Beginners
Alpha Blending using OpenCV (C++ / Python) Code
User stories : How readers of this blog are applying their knowledge to build applications
How to select a bounding box ( ROI ) in OpenCV (C++/Python) ?
Automatic Red Eye Remover using OpenCV (C++ / Python) Code
Bias-Variance Tradeoff in Machine Learning
Embedded Computer Vision: Which device should you choose?
Object Tracking using OpenCV (C++/Python) Code
Handwritten Digits Classification : An OpenCV ( C++ / Python ) Tutorial Code
Training a better Haar and LBP cascade based Eye Detector using OpenCV
Deep Learning Book Gift Recipients
Minified OpenCV Haar and LBP Cascades Code
Deep Learning Book Gift
Histogram of Oriented Gradients
Image Recognition and Object Detection : Part 1
Head Pose Estimation using OpenCV and Dlib Code
Live CV : A Computer Vision Coding Application
Approximate Focal Length for Webcams and Cell Phone Cameras
Configuring Qt for OpenCV on OSX Code
Rotation Matrix To Euler Angles Code
Speeding up Dlib’s Facial Landmark Detector
Warp one triangle to another using OpenCV ( C++ / Python ) Code
Average Face : OpenCV ( C++ / Python ) Tutorial Code
Face Swap using OpenCV ( C++ / Python ) Code
Face Morph Using OpenCV — C++ / Python Code
Deep Learning Example using NVIDIA DIGITS 3 on EC2
Homography Examples using OpenCV ( Python / C ++ ) Code
Filling holes in an image using OpenCV ( Python / C++ ) Code
How to find frame rate or frames per second (fps) in OpenCV ( Python / C++ ) ? Code
Delaunay Triangulation and Voronoi Diagram using OpenCV ( C++ / Python) Code
OpenCV (C++ vs Python) vs MATLAB for Computer Vision
Facial Landmark Detection
Why does OpenCV use BGR color format ?
Computer Vision for Predicting Facial Attractiveness Code
applyColorMap for pseudocoloring in OpenCV ( C++ / Python ) Code
Image Alignment (ECC) in OpenCV ( C++ / Python ) Code
How to find OpenCV version in Python and C++ ?
Baidu banned from ILSVRC 2015
OpenCV Transparent API
How Computer Vision Solved the Greatest Soccer Mystery of All Time
Embedded Vision Summit 2015
Read an Image in OpenCV ( Python, C++ ) Code
Non-Photorealistic Rendering using OpenCV ( Python, C++ ) Code
Seamless Cloning using OpenCV ( Python , C++ ) Code
OpenCV Threshold ( Python , C++ ) Code
Blob Detection Using OpenCV ( Python, C++ ) Code
Turn your OpenCV Code into a Web API in under 10 minutes — Part 1
How to compile OpenCV sample Code ?
Install OpenCV 3 on Yosemite ( OSX 10.10.x )