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Orhun Parmaksız

Ankara, Turkey

I'm a Rust & open source enthusiast, mainly working on terminal tooling & libraries. 🦀

I also give talks & feature on podcasts (hit me up!)

Check out my other open source projects on my profile! 🐻

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I would like to get my open source work sponsored by fellow open source maintainers/developers and projects/companies. This greatly helps me to become a full-time open sourcerer! 👾

Current sponsors 28

Past sponsors 23
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Featured work

  1. orhun/kmon

    Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor 🐧💻

    Rust 2,468
  2. orhun/gpg-tui

    Manage your GnuPG keys with ease! 🔐

    Rust 1,308
  3. orhun/git-cliff

    A highly customizable Changelog Generator that follows Conventional Commit specifications ⛰️

    Rust 8,367
  4. orhun/systeroid

    A more powerful alternative to sysctl(8) with a terminal user interface 🐧

    Rust 1,249
  5. ratatui-org/ratatui

    Rust library that's all about cooking up terminal user interfaces (TUIs) 👨‍🍳🐀

    Rust 8,952
  6. orhun/daktilo

    Turn your keyboard into a typewriter! 📇

    Rust 993

56% towards 50 monthly sponsors goal

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🖥️ Covers up my monthly server expenses so that I can keep on rockin'!

🐦 As a token of my appreciation, you'll receive a shout-out on my social platforms. (X/Mastodon/LinkedIn)

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🍽️ Buys me dinner at a cozy place!

✨ You are definitely going to get my extra attention if I see you in one of my issue trackers.

(+ all previous rewards)

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🦀 You want to learn Rust? I'm offering the opportunity for monthly 1-1 sessions with you.

💻 You have one hour of my time! Pick one of these:

  • Pair-programming session (We will work on your project together.)
  • Mentorship (I can guide you on programming, concepts, or best practices.)
  • Consulting (Let's discuss your project or idea for advice and solutions.)

✨ Also, let's connect and discuss open source, share ideas, and collaborate.

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$100 a month


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Designed for small businesses and freelancers, this sponsorship option allows you to show your support for our organization while promoting your own tools and services. It's a fantastic way to collaborate and boost visibility.

✨ I will add your company's badge/logo on my GitHub profile and blog posts.

📈 You can check my Blog Stats to get an idea of how many people will see your badge.

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$256 a month


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Perfect for companies seeking major product promotion, this sponsorship offers prime visibility.

✨ I'm ready to incorporate your company's badge/logo into the project of your choice.

✨ I will join your company's chat app and engage extensively with your team to help tackle technical challenges.

✨ I'm willing to write a sponsored blog-post to introduce your tool.

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