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Supported Versions

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Spring Boot Support Policy

Spring Boot follows the Pivotal OSS support policy and supports major versions for 3 years from the release date.

In addition, upon release of a major or minor version of Spring Boot, the previous version will be supported for a 12 month period for critical bugs and security issues.

As much as possible, we recommend that all users migrate to the latest GA release.


The following Spring Boot releases are available:

Supported Releases

  • 2.2.x was released October 2019 and is actively maintained

  • 2.1.x was released October 2018 and remains supported until the end of October 2020

End of Life Releases

  • 2.0.x was released March 2018 and entered EOL on April 3rd 2019

  • 1.5.x was released January 2017 and is the last in the 1.x line. It entered EOL on August 1st 2019

Third-party dependencies

Spring Boot provides managed dependencies for many third-party libraries. These libraries are upgraded only at the patch level for any given Spring Boot release. Since we don’t upgrade minor or major versions of third-party libraries with our patch releases, you should check the EOL policies of projects that you depend on since you may find that you’re using a supported version of Spring Boot against an unsupported third-party library.

Commercial Support

Commercial support for Spring Boot is available from Pivotal. Please see for details.

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