Spring Boot 1.4.0 M3 Release Notes

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Spring Boot 1.4.0 M3 Release Notes

For changes in earlier milestones, please refer to:

Upgrading from Spring Boot 1.4.0 M2

See instructions in the 1.4.0.M2 release notes for upgrading from v1.4.0.M2 and earlier.

Renamed starters

The following starters have been renamed, the old ones will be removed in Spring Boot 2.0

  • spring-boot-starter-wsspring-boot-starter-webservices

  • spring-boot-starter-redisspring-boot-starter-data-redis

Dispatch Options Request

The default spring.mvc.dispatch-options-request property has changed from false to true to align with Spring Framework’s preferred default. If you don’t want OPTIONS requests to be dispatched to FrameworkServlet.doService you should explicitly set spring.mvc.dispatch-options-request to false.

Remote Shell

The CRaSH properties have moved from the shell. namespace to the management.shell. namespace. Also, the authentication type should now be defined via management.shell.auth.type.

Multipart support

The multipart properties have moved from the multipart. namespace to the spring.http.multipart. namespace.

Integration Starter

spring-boot-starter-integration has been streamlined by removing four modules that are not necessarily used by a typical Spring Integration application. The four modules removed were:

  • spring-integration-file

  • spring-integration-http

  • spring-integration-ip

  • spring-integration-stream

If your application relies on any of these four modules, you should add an explicit dependency to your pom or build.gradle.

Additionally, spring-integration-java-dsl and spring-integration-jmx have now been added to the starter. Using the DSL is the recommended way to configure Spring Integration in your application.

Spring Session auto-configuration improvements

Spring Boot supports more backend stores for Spring Session: alongside Redis, JDBC, MongoDB, Hazelcast and in memory concurrent hash maps are also supported. A new spring.session.store-type mandatory property has been introduced to select the store Spring Session should be using.

Launch script identity

When the launch script is determining the application’s default identity, the canonical name of the directory containing the jar will now be used. Previously, if the directory containing the jar was a symlink, the name of the symlink was used. If you require more control over the application’s identity, the APP_NAME environment variable should be used.


The TestRestTemplate class no longer directly extends RestTemplate (although it continues to offer the same methods). This allows TestRestTemplate to be configured as a bean without it being accidentally injected. If you need access to the actual underlying RestTemplate use the getRestTemplate() method.

Forced character encoding

Forced character encoding now only applies to requests (and not responses). If you want to force encoding for both requests and responses set spring.http.encoding.force to true.

New and Noteworthy

Check the configuration changelog for a complete overview of the changes in configuration.

Convention based error pages

Custom error pages for a given status code can now be created by following a convention based approach. Create a static HTML file in /public/error or add a template to /templates/error` using the status code as the filename. For example, to register a custom 404 file you could add src/main/resource/public/error/404.html. See the updated reference documentation for details.


New ErrorPageRegistry and ErrorPageRegistrar interfaces allow error pages to be registered in a consistent way regardless of the use of an embedded servlet container. The ErrorPageFilter class has been updated to that it is now a ErrorPageRegistry and not a fake ConfigurableEmbeddedServletContainer.


The PrincipalExtractor interface can now be used if you need to extract the OAuth2 Principal using custom logic.

Deprecations in Spring Boot 1.4.0.M3

  • PropertiesConfigurationFactory.setProperties(Properties) is deprecated in favor of using PropertySources.

  • Several classes in the org.springframework.boot.context.embedded package have been deprecated and relocated to org.springframework.boot.web.servlet.

  • All classes in the org.springframework.boot.context.web package have been deprecated and relocated.

  • The spring-boot-starter-ws "Starter" has been renamed to spring-boot-starter-webservices.

  • The spring-boot-starter-redis "Starter" has been renamed to spring-boot-starter-data-redis.