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Stack Builders Inc.

Our team strives to push the boundaries of the software industry through quality, pragmatic custom solutions that bring the visions of our clients to life.


  1. hapistrano Public

    Deploy tool for Haskell applications, like Capistrano for Rails

    Haskell 99 14

  2. tutorials Public archive

    Stack Builders Tutorials.

    Haskell 67 21

  3. dotenv-hs Public

    Load environment variables from dotenv files for Haskell

    Haskell 45 6

  4. Rails-like inflections for Haskell

    Haskell 34 9

  5. stache Public

    Mustache templates for Haskell

    Haskell 23 7

  6. Implement a highly customizable tour feature with an awesome spotlight effect

    TypeScript 42 4


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