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Archived Downloads

Source Code

If for some reason, you are not able to obtain the source code from the Git repository, you can download it directly from here:


Format File Size MD5 Checksum
html 6.7 Mb 3154a134618a422c7e18a0efe9444ad7
html stackless-python-2.7.5-docs-html.tar.bz2 4.2 Mb d3c524dd561e489f6a7b7816b351c1f5
html 6.7 Mb 7654a179d06b76f416eed69195a42b2f
html stackless-python-2.7.4-docs-html.tar.bz2 4.2 Mb 1524813b68469808b0a46ed4548d0238
html 6.7 Mb 87a7f8d26effaef9059122f097d1a03b
html stackless-python-2.7.4rc2-docs-html.tar.bz2 4.2 Mb 010e550871543ef7163a184c46993061
html 6.9 Mb 3d8015ff8459286e2f780c7db7d77fb5
html stackless-python-2.7.2-docs-html.tar.bz2 4.2 Mb d95fa0a4369711070766615ae0a7a993
chm python372sl.chm 8231337 Byte d3dba54283d482bfc4c4ba619d9cd077
chm python368sl.chm 7989427 Byte 749bd25d2b9b6d4aa38bf5595b2f7f89
chm python366sl.chm 8219727 Byte 9f4bbd61fc3b38ec36069600cf0220b1
chm python364sl.chm 8159313 Byte 0a81c5a2a9976363d6770b38a20597f8
chm python354sl.chm 7644783 Byte bf24ceb1fc1fc5ed7d2d82fbd22efec4
chm python279sl.chm 5.9 Mb 8ec553b89b283909ef7b375dcbdd8911
chm python278sl.chm 5.9 Mb 25a91a3d4a3cab217f7b37f0196a24a1
chm python277sl.chm 5.9 Mb e0bb11d769679badb4a6728ccc0694ba
chm python276sl.chm 5.8 Mb d3c85395262186ffe08741920423f21e
chm python275sl.chm 5.8 Mb 9427a068307a44135b32658bc73f6126
chm python274sl.chm 5.8 Mb cde1f2ab81b224d3e40b00941eaa8306
chm python274rc2sl.chm 5.9 Mb 5a72599b68a7e46aa9de82a18df94518
chm python272sl.chm 5.9 Mb e33581bf875734566d4f0beda4d6d4ae


Unix and Linux users

Binaries are not provided for any of the various versions of Linux or Unix or for any platforms they may be running on. Please use the the source code to compile your own copy of Stackless Python.

Mac OS X users

Microsoft Windows users

If you do not wish to compile Stackless Python yourself, we used to provide two ways in which you can install a precompiled version. The most straightforward and recommended way is using one of the provided MSI-installers, while the less straightforward (and nowadays deprecated) way is converting an existing Python installation into a Stackless one.

Please note: installers released before commit a4d6f9bb4ec103 (before 2.7.7 or 3.3.5) used the same product code as regular C-Python. Therefore you can't install them alongside regular C-Python.


Binary Snapshots

Embeddable zip files

Legacy Stuff

If you are downloading one of these binary snapshots, you are intending to create a Stackless Python installation through modifying a standard Python installation. You may do so in this way:

  1. Download a standard C-Python installer.
  2. Download the binary snapshots from those which are listed below, which has the same version as the standard C-Python installer you downloaded.
  3. Run the standard C-Python installer.
  4. Extract the binary snapshot archive into the installed Python director:

Microsoft Windows users - Earlier versions of Stackless-Python

Complete installations of Stackless Python are not provided. Instead the dlls that comprise the Python runtime with the Stackless changes built in, are. These should replace the files with the same names in your Python installation and are all that is needed for you to obtain a working version of Stackless Python.

There are two ways which you can do this:

  1. Place the Stackless dlls in your PATH before the standard ones.
  2. Directly replace the dlls in your Python installation. If you installed an official installer based Python installation from, you can find the dlls in your WINDOWS directory under the system32 sub-directory. In Windows XP Professional, this will be WINDOWS\system32. Even if the WINDOWS directory is named differently in your version of Microsoft Windows, they will most likely be installed in the system32 sub-directory within it.

Python 2.3

Requires: official Python 2.3.3 distribution

These binary snapshots are the frozen stable status for Python 2.3, uploaded at Wed Apr 07 21:30:18 2004:

Python 2.2

These binary snapshots are the frozen stable status for Python 2.2:

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