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Downloads for older versions of Stackless Python can be found on the archived downloads page.

Source Code

If for some reason, you are not able to obtain the source code from the appropriate branch in the Git repository repository, you can download it directly from here:



If you use the marvellous Python distribution Anaconda or Miniconda you can install Stackless-Python from the channel stackless.

  1. Add the channel to your configuration:

    $ conda config --add channels stackless
  2. Add the (meta-) package "stackless":

    $ conda install stackless

The package "stackless" utilises the conda feature mechanism to replace the regular C-Python by Stackless-Python.

Unix and Linux users

Please use the source code to compile your own copy of Stackless Python or have a look at Miniconda.

Mac OS X users

Note: We need volunteers to build and develop Stackless for macOS.

The best way to get a current Stackless 2.7 is to use the Anaconda package. Unfortunately, recent Stackless 3.x versions do not work on macOS. See issue #173.

These installers replace your existing Python installation. Note that Stackless should work exactly like standard Python, if the Stackless functionality is not used.

Microsoft Windows users

If you do not wish to compile Stackless Python yourself, we provide precompiled MSI installers. These installers can be used instead of the corresponding regular C-Python installer. Alternatively you can install them alongside C-Python, if you choose the "Install just for me" option.


  • Python 3.6.6 x86: stackless-3.6.6.exe (30884870 Byte) (md5 70bd75512d3414b25b9debd5628a4d92)
  • Python 3.6.6 x86 webinstall: stackless-3.6.6-webinstall.exe (1275432 Byte) (md5 f97c68f6ec7142ab99b9e2c6c56837d1)
  • Python 3.6.6 x86-64: stackless-3.6.6-amd64.exe (31923012 Byte) (md5 8d71fe702e92415e3b94771c9b53433c)
  • Python 3.6.6 x86-64 webinstall: stackless-3.6.6-amd64-webinstall.exe (1301662 Byte) (md5 92e2335261d9b388b90e3f9644b0b83a)
  • Python 2.7.15: python-2.7.15-stackless.msi (19.4 MB) (md5 dcbe82871a22e4976df90fe70d2975a2) This installer uses the same upgrade code as the regular 32bit C-Python 2.7 installer. Therefore this installer will replace a 32bit C-Python 2.7 installation (and vice-versa).
  • Python 2.7.15 amd64: python-2.7.15.amd64-stackless.msi (20.3 MB) (md5 0ba14af1cfde24b208d95fe0da76f75c) This installer uses the same upgrade code as the regular 64bit C-Python 2.7 installer. Therefore this installer will replace a 64bit C-Python 2.7 installation (and vice-versa).

Debug Files for *.msi-Installers

Embeddable Zip Files

PyPI Installer


This installer is now deprecated, because

  • it is not compatible with newer Linux distributions
  • it depends on a misfeature of the ancient distutils
  • Miniconda provides a better alternative


On Debian based system the pip installer needs to compile some missing modules. Therefore you need to install various development packages. See

If you are using Python 2.7.x (x>=3) on Linux amd64 or Windows you can use the PyPI stackless-python installer. It works with pip or easyinstall from distribute or setuptools. It is compatible with virtualenv. Simply run:

> pip install stackless-python


> easy_install stackless-python
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