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How to be a full stack Rust Developer

Read Rust API guideline. Test code here and refer to the Rust blog posts at Steadylearner.

If you need or know someone to hire a full stack developer, please contact me. I also do freelance.

If you want the similar one for Ethereum, visit eth-diary repository.

Rust full stack chat app

The reason to use this repository

Everything is simple with examples but it is not easy to make them with Rust.

Use code here and spare your time.

Crates by Steadylearner

born python and rust comparision example

born macro expansion example

React and Rust web project demo that you can login

You can read server side code made with Rust Warp framework.

React Rust demo

Smart compose demo with React

Smart compose demo with React

Node project examples

Transcriber by Steadylearner


Use them if you need a personal help or need a new developer in your company.

  1. LinkedIn or Twitter
  2. Telegram

The current state of this repository

I will update Rust Rocket website. I knew that there was a problem with a view count update but was ignoring that. I will start after my current freelance work.

I am working while learning blockchain technologies. There will be less updates than before.


* Update Steadylearner with [a new Rocket async code]( and share some parts of it here.

Interesting projects and blog posts from others


If you want to make some apps, refer to the official documenation and the code snippet used there.

Cargo packages

Use $du -h ./foldername first before you use plugins that delete codes to compare.

Error handling

Read how std error works with official documenation. Learn how to use cusotm error types.

Then, use thiserror to build a web server, library etc. Use anyhow with it when necessary.


  1. epoll, select, poll, epoll difference
  2. async explanation in low level
  3. Epoll, Kqueue and IOCP explained in Rust
  4. Green thread in Rust, Futures explained
  5. Rust async book, tokio, async-std, async executors
  6. futures crate documentation and future by example
  7. embed-async-await
  8. a primer to Rust async, A practical guide to async in Rust


How to publish a cargo package

Read rustdoc and cargo documentation for it.

Then, refer to cargo-publish-example and its to help the development process.

When you are ready to publish, read publishing to crate io and the similar one from cargo.

Optionally, you can include doc-comment to test code exampels in You can also dynamically create Rust documentation with it.

Refer to them also.


First, clone this repository.

$git clone

Prepare Rust development environment with How to install Rust. Then, use one of these commands.

  1. $./ in web folder and $./ for a full stack Rust chat app.
  2. $cd static_files && $cargo run --release for JavaScript frontend and Rust server side web app.
  3. $cd JSON_Webservice && $./ for YouTube vlog example with JSON Webservice.
  4. $cd yew/rust_blog && $./ && yarn watch:rs for a Rust blog example.
  5. $cd React_Rust to test a React app with Warp, Rocket, Actix, Express, Restify, Django, Golang, Vibora etc.
  6. $cd sitemap if you want to build sitemap automatically with a database.

star and share it with others if you want more.

Install and Deploy Rust

  1. How to install Rust
  2. How to deploy Rust Web App

Docker and AWS

If you have a potent machine and ready to wait all again, refer to this.

Docker and Rust by Steadylearner

  1. How to use Docker commands
  2. How to use Docker with Rust


  1. How to use Rust Warp, Hello, World with include!
  2. Use it with React single page app.
  3. CRUD REST API example with a database integration.
  4. Use it with Tera template engine.
  5. Rough login and private routes implemenation - Refer to Yew + Rocket full stack example. and warp-api-starter-template


NPM and Rust by Steadylearner

  1. How to use Rust Yew
  2. How to use a modal in Rust
  3. How to use routers in Rust Frontend
  4. How to modulize your Rust Frontend
  5. How to use NPM packages with Rust Frontend
  6. How to use markdown with Rust Frontend


Rust equivalent server and client code

  1. How to use Rust Tera for undefined paths
  2. How to make Rust JSON Webservice with YouTube API
  3. How to use CORS and OPTIONS HTTP request with Rust Rocket
  4. How to serve static files with Rust
  5. How to use a single page app with Rust
  6. How to use gRPC with Rust Tonic and Postgresql database
  7. How to use React with Rust Actix

Full Stack

Rust Router Example

  1. Rust Chat App
  2. Fullstack Rust with Yew
  3. How to write Full Stack Rust code
  4. How to render a YouTube vlog with Rust Yew fetch API
  5. How to render blog posts with Rust Yew mounted API


Sitemaps with Rust

  1. How to build a static sitemap.xml with Rust
  2. How to build a sitemap.xml with dynamic contents in Rust
  3. How to build a sitemap for images with Rust
  4. How to automate building sitemaps with Rust

Web Scrapers

  1. How to use Python Scrapy to crawl This Week in Rust
  2. Working code of Webscraping with Rust


  1. How to use Rust thirtyfour to scrap React app


  1. Python Blog with posts saved at GitHub
  2. Visit Steadylearner or read blog posts at GitHub

No need for a database because the posts are saved at GitHub. Others can also easily contribute to blog posts with its features.


  1. Rust lettre CLI example with email templates and an attachment
  2. Email REST API JSON webserivce server with Express and Mongoose


You can find microservices examples built with Warp, Tonic, Postgresql, Redis.

  1. gRPC Warp client and Tonic server with Postgresql and Redis Wrapper


Rust Telegram bot

  1. Rust
  2. Golang

With other languages

  1. JavaScript at a web browser
  2. Python


Refactor a private project and include tests there. Make an open source porject refering to that.


  • Code a complete real project.


Browser extensions


Payload is chrome api and mainfest.json file.

React Chrome minimal example


You can find easily testable projects at Resume repository. If you are an employer, contact me and I can show the result with a single command with AWS.

What you will learn with it

The most of the projects here are relevant to Rust. But, you can find the examples of JavaScript, Python, Golang, Docker etc. Just use what solves your problem.

  1. How to use HTML, CSS and Markdown in Rust Frontend
  2. How to include NPM packages and JavaScript modules in it
  3. How to use Rust Yew
  4. How to write components and organize the Rust project
  5. How to build complete Full Stack Rust Web Application
  6. How to modulize your Rust project
  7. How to deploy it
  8. How to write sitemaps and metatags for it

How to contribute

Make an issue. Update deprecated code. Include your project etc.


I do what I want here. It is a personal repository to learn and prototype new projects.



They help you to learn and use Rust better.