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  1. streamlit streamlit Public

    Streamlit — A faster way to build and share data apps.

    Python 32.4k 2.8k

  2. component-template component-template Public

    Templates and example code for creating Streamlit Components

    Python 401 205

  3. demo-self-driving demo-self-driving Public

    Streamlit app demonstrating an image browser for the Udacity self-driving-car dataset with realtime object detection using YOLO.

    Python 1.2k 435

  4. demo-face-gan demo-face-gan Public

    A demonstration of using a live Tensorflow session to create an interactive face-GAN explorer.

    Python 294 164

  5. demo-uber-nyc-pickups demo-uber-nyc-pickups Public

    A Streamlit demo to interactively visualize Uber pickups in New York City

    Python 299 340

  6. demo-deepdream demo-deepdream Public

    A Streamlit demo demonstrating the Deep Dream technique. Adapted from the TensorFlow Deep Dream tutorial.

    Python 21 46


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