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Streaming Telemetry Transport Protocol

Repositories related to the Streaming Telemetry Transport Protocol (STTP) - proposed IEEE standard 2664

The Streaming Telemetry Transport Protocol (STTP) is optimized for the demands of transporting high volume continuous streaming data and related metadata. The protocol allows for the transmission of any information that can be represented longitudinally, e.g., time-series data.

STTP is currently undergoing IEEE standardization (P2664), see:

This GitHub organizational site defines open source langauge specific implementations of STTP for general industry use.

See for general STTP documentation.

API Status


  1. STTP Documentation


  2. cppapi Public

    C++ API for STTP

    C++ 1 1

  3. goapi Public

    Golang API for STTP

    Go 4 1

  4. pyapi Public

    Python API for STTP

    Python 2

  5. STTP Connection Tester

    C# 1

  6. dotnetapi Public

    .NET API for STTP

    C# 1


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