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OS X graphical frontend for lsof
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Readme.txt file for Sloth, version 1.5 dated 09/07/2010

What is Sloth?

Sloth is a program that displays a list of all open files in use by all the 
applications your user account is running on the.  This is done by invoking 
the lsof command line tool.  Sloth requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.  For 
versions compatible with previous incarnations of Mac OS X, you must 
download an older version.  

Sloth is written in Objective-C and utilises Apple's Cocoa application 
programming interfaces.  This software is free, open-source software distributed 
under the terms and conditions of the Free Software Foundation's 
GNU General Public License.

How do I use Sloth?

Press the Refresh button in the Sloth window to get a list of open files.  
It is possible to include/exclude certain types of files by checking the relevant 
checkboxes in the application window.  A search filter allows you to filter the 
list of files and find individual items using regular expressions.   Please note 
that Sloth does not list the files used by itself or the 'lsof' command it spawns.  

The "Reveal" button tries to reveal the currently selected files in the Finder.  
The "Kill" button sends a SIGTERM signal to the application using the currently 
selected files and updates the file list.  It is possible to change the kill 
signal to SIGKILL in Preferences.

Another option of interest is "Relaunch as root", which upon authentication will 
relaunch the Sloth program as the 'root' user.  This will enabled Sloth to display 
everything that is open on the system.

How does Sloth work?

Sloth is basically just a graphical interface front-end to the 'lsof'. 
'lsof' is a very powerful tool supporting a great many options. 
See lsof(8) man page for details.  An 'lsof' task is spawned by using the 
NSTask class and  the piped output is parsed.  You can define an arbitrary
 lsof binary in Preferences, and get info about the version Sloth is using.

Todo list

    * Fix bug w. column sorting on refresh
    * Implement copying of rows

Version history

08/07/2010 - Version 1.5
        * Column sorting, column rearrangement
        * Several bug fixes
        * Copy/Drag and drop

29/05/2009 - Version 1.4
        * Regular expression search filtering
        * New "Relaunch as root" option
        * Fixed bug w. Mac OS X 10.5
        * Now built for Mac OS X 10.4 or later

28/07/2006 - Version 1.3.1
		* Released as Universal Binary

05/03/2004 - Version 1.3
		* Live update on search filter
		* Sorting in columns now works
		* Performance improvements
		* The timed update feature is non-functional for the time being
		* Lots of code replaced by Cocoa bindings thanks to Bill Bumgarner

27/02/2004 - Version 1.2
		* Filter search field now counts all list fields when filtering
		* Auto-refresh timer option
		* Preferences for setting arbitrary lsof binary and kill signal type
		* New application icon
		* Added Icelandic and Japanese localizations

22/02/2004 - Version 1.1
		* There is now a search field filter for entries in list. No type-in update.
		* "Actions" menu with menu items and shortcuts for button actions

21/02/2004 - Version 1.0 released

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