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* 6.4:
  Partially revert "DX: PHP CS Fixer - update excluded paths and apply some minor CS"
  [AssetMapper] Allowing for files to be written to some non-local location
  [HttpKernel] Resolve EBADP error on flock with LOCK_SH with NFS
  [AssetMapper] Fixing bug of bad parsing of imports when an import then export are adjacent
  add missing basque translations
  [FrameworkBundle][Validator] Allow implementing validation groups provider outside DTOs
  [Notifier][Novu] Implement overrides
  [Validator] Handle `null` case
  [Workflow] List place or transition listeners in profiler
  [Intl] Add support for emoji 15.1
  Replace Tickets by Issues
  [Validator] Add missing arabic translations
  [Validator] Added missing translations for Romanian language for Validator component
  [Messenger] Fix graceful exit with ids
  [HttpKernel] Add parameters `kernel.runtime_mode` and `kernel.runtime_mode.*`, all set from env var `APP_RUNTIME_MODE`

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January 24, 2023 15:02