Configuring 0.99 3D Printing Extensions

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!!!! TAKE NOTE: The 3D printer extensions documented on this page are pre-release and experimental (hence the leading underscore). These settings will NOT be present in the release ultimate 3D printing releases. Please expect any UIs or code written to these specifications to require changes. The settings on this page will be removed and will not be backwards compatible. !!!!

Heater Groups

There are 3 heater groups. The examples below show heater group 1 - {_he1:n}


Setting Description Notes
{_he1:{e:...}} Heater Enable 0=off, 1=on
{_he1:{p:...}} Heater P (PID) read/write
{_he1:{i:...}} Heater I (PID) read/write
{_he1:{d:...}} Heater D (PID) read/write
{_he1:{st:...}} Setpoint temperature write-only
{_he1:{t:...}} Current temperature read-only
{_he1:{at:...}} "At temperature" flag read-only
{_he1:{op:...}} PWM output level read-only
{_he1:{tr:...}} Thermistor resistance read-only
{_he1:{an:...}} Heater ADC reading read-only
{_he1:{fp:...}} Fan power read/write
{_he1:{fm:...}} Fan minimum power read/write
{_he1:{fl:...}} Fan low temperature read/write
{_he1:{fh:...}} Fan high temperature read/write

{_he1:{e:...}} Heater Enable

{_he1:{p:..., i:..., d:...}} Heater PID Values

PID settings for heater feedback loop. Typical default values are:

For an extruder heater, 12volt:
  DEFAULT_P    7.0
  DEFAULT_I    0.05
  DEFAULT_D    150.0

For a heated bed:
  DEFAULT_P    9.0
  DEFAULT_I    0.12
  DEFAULT_D    400.0

{_he1:{st:...}} Setpoint Temperature

{_he1:{t:...}} Current Temperature

{_he1:{at:...}} At-Temperature Flag

{_he1:{op:...}} PWM Output

{_he1:{tr:...}} Thermistor Resistance

{_he1:{an:...}} Heater ADC Reading

{_he1:{fp:..., fm:..., fl:..., fh:...}} Fan Controls

PID Groups

There are 3 PID groups. The examples below show PID group 1 - {_pid1:n}


Setting Description Notes
{_pid1:{p:...}} Raw P Value read-only
{_pid1:{i:...}} Raw I Value read-only
{_pid1:{d:...}} Raw D Value read-only

{_pid1:{p:..., i:..., d:...}} Raw PID Values

These are Read-Only values from the live PID. They are not scaled to temperature

Auto Bed Leveling Parameters


Setting Description Notes
{tram:t Tram Command Set and enable tramming matrix

{tram:t} Tram Command

Setting Tram will use the last three Probe values to define the plane of the Z axis. For operation, probe the bed (Z axis) at three disparate points, then invoke Tram.

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