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This is a mandatory update for existing Syscoin 3 users. It fixes a potential superblock validation issue. Users that experience that error must upgrade to 3.0.6 to proceed to validate blocks.

If you haven't done so please update your sentinel if you are a masternode operator. Latest version of Sentinel is 1.1.1

See this post if you are a Masternode operator: https://medium.com/p/572576c7163f

Please read this blog post for information regarding this release and steps to upgrade from Syscoin 2: https://medium.com/p/d0708d146315

Note: Please upgrade from 3.0.0 if you have used salvagewallet to upgrade from Syscoin 2.x, your wallet is unstable and may end up encountering the unlock wallet bug #177

Please see PR #227

Note that to upgrade from Syscoin 2 to Syscoin 3 simply dumpwallet to a file on Syscoin 2 through console or CLI and importwallet on Syscoin 3 CLI or console.