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* Add new samples and delete redundant ones
* Clean up hidden_views by making it an attribute of WorkbookItem
* Add type hints for workbook and data source revisions, data alerts, Favorites, Flows, groups, permissions, projects, flow runs, site,  subscriptions, Users, webhooks 
* add get_by_id method and test for schedules
* Allow null value for user quota tiers
* fix workbook.delete_extract
* add publish to pypi action
 fix xml generation for items
* Add Status, ParentProjectId and StartedAt filters for jobs endpoint
* make project_id nullable to support "Personal Space" for workbooks
* create single Credentials class
* Reassign content on user removal
* add redaction method to remove passwords when logging requests and responses, which can contain embedded credentials.
* remove support for python 3.6 (add python version enforcement in
* Extract refreshable item IDs from job XML response 
* Do not eagerly fetch content when a stream was requested
* Fix QuerySet slicing logic
* add CRUD methods for default permissions
* refactor Resource Types and add sample code

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Tableau Server Client (Python)

Tableau Supported Build Status

Use the Tableau Server Client (TSC) library to increase your productivity as you interact with the Tableau Server REST API. With the TSC library you can do almost everything that you can do with the REST API, including:

  • Publish workbooks and data sources.
  • Create users and groups.
  • Query projects, sites, and more.

This repository contains Python source code for the library and sample files showing how to use it. As of May 2022, Python versions 3.7 and up are supported.

To see sample code that works directly with the REST API (in Java, Python, or Postman), visit the REST API Samples repo.

For more information on installing and using TSC, see the documentation: