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Paradox DB File Reader
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Paradox Database File Reader

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Using the paradoxReader from the command line

The command-line interface produces CSV from .DB files. An example invocation of the command-line interface which produces CSV from "CONTACTS.DB" is:

java -jar target/paradoxReader-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar --file=src/test/resources/CONTACTS.DB

Using the paradoxReader in code

To use the paradoxReader in code, supply an InputStream to a .DB file, and an implementation of PDXTableListener to the class DBTableFile. An example from the unit tests:

final InputStream inputStream = TestDBFile.class.getResourceAsStream(filename);
final DBTableFile pdxFile = new DBTableFile();
final PDXTableListener pdxTableListener = new MyPDXTableListener();, pdxTableListener);

The interface PDXTableListener looks like this:

public interface PDXTableListener {
   void finish();

   void header(DBTableHeader pdxTableHeader);

   void record(List<DBTableValue> values);

   void start(String filename);

The record method will be called once per record in the table file.

SQL Output

Versions 1.6+ contain the class PDXTableReaderSQLListenerImpl, a class which produces CREATE and INSERT SQL.

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