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🎮 An Offline Front-End Development Playground
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An Offline Front-End Development Playground

NEW: Save your snippets!

CodePad instantly previews your code so you don't have to run back and forth between an editor and a browser. You can also add your favorite icon fonts, libraries and frameworks such as Font Awesome, anime.js and Bootstrap with a click. And the best of it all, everything works offline.

Screenshot 🖼️


Installation 💻

Download CodePad for Windows here. Extract and run CodePad.exe. Coming Soon for Ubuntu and macOS.

Run From Source 🎩

You can run the app via command line by following these steps:

$ git clone
$ cd codepad
$ npm install
$ npm start

Please note that 'Save' will not work here.

Dev To-Do List 🌈

  • Save the code snippet
  • Resizeable editor
  • Editor themes/appearance settings
  • Preprocessor support
  • Import custom libs
  • View output in fullscreen/browser

Credits 👨

Designed and developed by: @apollonian11 and @jay9596

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