If you are looking for Bootstrap without jQuery or vanilla Javascript for Bootstrap, this is the place to get started.
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Native JavaScript for Bootstrap

This is a library developed with native JavaScript for both Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 series, featuring superior performance compared to the original jQuery Plugins.

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The library is under 20Kb minified and 6.5Kb gZipped. See demo for scripting examples and instructions.

If you use webpack, here here is the accompanying webpack loader.


Please take a minute to check the bootstrap.native Wiki pages, they're updated with every new commit:

  • Acknowledgements - A quick note on some of the similarities and differences with the original jQuery plugins. Nothing to worry about, but still good to know all the tricks on how to maximize your workflow.
  • How to use - An in depth guide on how to use it with stuff like npm, RequireJS or CDN links.
  • Browser support - A word on how to enable the library for legacy browsers.
  • FAQs - A short list of frequent asked questions regarding the use of the library.
  • About - Learn about the bootstrap.native project inception, goals and motivations.


  • Ingwie Phoenix: RequireJS/CommonJS compatibility and usability with common package managers. Was glad to help!
  • Ryan Zimmerman: Amazing custom build script.
  • Full contributors list here. Thanks so much!


The library is released under the MIT license.