@lionel- lionel- released this Oct 26, 2018 · 1207 commits to master since this release

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  • exprs() is no longer exported to avoid conflicts with Biobase::exprs()

  • The MASS package is explicitly suggested to fix CRAN warnings on R-devel

  • Set operations like intersect() and setdiff() reconstruct groups metadata (#3587).

  • Using namespaced calls to base::sort() and base::unique() from C++ code
    to avoid ambiguities when these functions are overridden (#3644).

  • Fix rchk errors (#3693).

@krlmlr krlmlr released this May 22, 2018 · 1228 commits to master since this release

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Breaking changes for package developers

  • The major change in this version is that dplyr now depends on the selecting
    backend of the tidyselect package. If you have been linking to
    dplyr::select_helpers documentation topic, you should update the link to
    point to tidyselect::select_helpers.

  • Another change that causes warnings in packages is that dplyr now exports the
    exprs() function. This causes a collision with Biobase::exprs(). Either
    import functions from dplyr selectively rather than in bulk, or do not import
    Biobase::exprs() and refer to it with a namespace qualifier.

Bug fixes

  • distinct(data, "string") now returns a one-row data frame again. (The
    previous behavior was to return the data unchanged.)

  • do() operations with more than one named argument can access . (#2998).

  • Reindexing grouped data frames (e.g. after filter() or ..._join())
    never updates the "class" attribute. This also avoids unintended updates
    to the original object (#3438).

  • Fixed rare column name clash in ..._join() with non-join
    columns of the same name in both tables (#3266).

  • Fix ntile() and row_number() ordering to use the locale-dependent
    ordering functions in R when dealing with character vectors, rather than
    always using the C-locale ordering function in C (#2792, @foo-bar-baz-qux).

  • Summaries of summaries (such as summarise(b = sum(a), c = sum(b))) are
    now computed using standard evaluation for simplicity and correctness, but
    slightly slower (#3233).

  • Fixed summarise() for empty data frames with zero columns (#3071).

Major changes

  • enexpr(), expr(), exprs(), sym() and syms() are now
    exported. sym() and syms() construct symbols from strings or character
    vectors. The expr() variants are equivalent to quo(), quos() and
    enquo() but return simple expressions rather than quosures. They support

  • dplyr now depends on the new tidyselect package to power select(),
    rename(), pull() and their variants (#2896). Consequently
    select_vars(), select_var() and rename_vars() are
    soft-deprecated and will start issuing warnings in a future version.

    Following the switch to tidyselect, select() and rename() fully support
    character vectors. You can now unquote variables like this:

    vars <- c("disp", "cyl")
    select(mtcars, !! vars)
    select(mtcars, -(!! vars))

    Note that this only works in selecting functions because in other contexts
    strings and character vectors are ambiguous. For instance strings are a valid
    input in mutating operations and mutate(df, "foo") creates a new column by
    recycling "foo" to the number of rows.

Minor changes

  • Support for raw vector columns in arrange(), group_by(), mutate(),
    summarise() and ..._join() (minimal raw x raw support initially) (#1803).

  • bind_cols() handles unnamed list (#3402).

  • bind_rows() works around corrupt columns that have the object bit set
    while having no class attribute (#3349).

  • combine() returns logical() when all inputs are NULL (or when there
    are no inputs) (#3365, @zeehio).

  • distinct() now supports renaming columns (#3234).

  • Hybrid evaluation simplifies dplyr::foo() to foo() (#3309). Hybrid
    functions can now be masked by regular R functions to turn off hybrid
    evaluation (#3255). The hybrid evaluator finds functions from dplyr even if
    dplyr is not attached (#3456).

  • In mutate() it is now illegal to use data.frame in the rhs (#3298).

  • Support !!! in recode_factor() (#3390).

  • row_number() works on empty subsets (#3454).

  • select() and vars() now treat NULL as empty inputs (#3023).

  • Scoped select and rename functions (select_all(), rename_if() etc.)
    now work with grouped data frames, adapting the grouping as necessary
    (#2947, #3410). group_by_at() can group by an existing grouping variable
    (#3351). arrange_at() can use grouping variables (#3332).

  • slice() no longer enforce tibble classes when input is a simple
    data.frame, and ignores 0 (#3297, #3313).

  • transmute() no longer prints a message when including a group variable.


Error messages

  • Better error message if dbplyr is not installed when accessing database
    backends (#3225).

  • arrange() fails gracefully on data.frame columns (#3153).

  • Corrected error message when calling cbind() with an object of wrong
    length (#3085).

  • Add warning with explanation to distinct() if any of the selected columns
    are of type list (#3088, @foo-bar-baz-qux), or when used on unknown columns
    (#2867, @foo-bar-baz-qux).

  • Show clear error message for bad arguments to funs() (#3368).

  • Better error message in ..._join() when joining data frames with duplicate
    or NA column names. Joining such data frames with a semi- or anti-join
    now gives a warning, which may be converted to an error in future versions
    (#3243, #3417).

  • Dedicated error message when trying to use columns of the Interval
    or Period classes (#2568).

  • Added an .onDetach() hook that allows for plyr to be loaded and attached
    without the warning message that says functions in dplyr will be masked,
    since dplyr is no longer attached (#3359, @jwnorman).


  • sample_n() and sample_frac() on grouped data frame are now faster
    especially for those with large number of groups (#3193, @saurfang).


  • Compute variable names for joins in R (#3430).

  • Bumped Rcpp dependency to 0.12.15 to avoid imperfect detection of NA
    values in hybrid evaluation fixed in RcppCore/Rcpp#790 (#2919).

  • Avoid cleaning the data mask, a temporary environment used to evaluate
    expressions. If the environment, in which e.g. a mutate() expression
    is evaluated, is preserved until after the operation, accessing variables
    from that environment now gives a warning but still returns NULL (#3318).

@krlmlr krlmlr released this Sep 29, 2017 · 1574 commits to master since this release

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  • Fix recent Fedora and ASAN check errors (#3098).

  • Avoid dependency on Rcpp 0.12.10 (#3106).