A curated list of awesome Python asyncio frameworks, libraries, software and resources
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Awesome asyncio Awesome

A carefully curated list of awesome Python asyncio frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

The Python asyncio module introduced to the standard library with Python 3.4 provides infrastructure for writing single-threaded concurrent code using coroutines, multiplexing I/O access over sockets and other resources, running network clients and servers, and other related primitives.

Asyncio is not really a brand-new technology however it appears to be very trending since a few years - especially in the Python community and with the release of Python 3.4 in March 2016. Thus, it's pretty hard to keep yourself up-to-date with the most awesome packages out there. Find some of those awesome packages here and if you are missing one we count on you to create an Issue or a Pull Request with your suggestion.


Web Frameworks

Libraries to build web applications.

  • aiohttp - Http client/server for asyncio (PEP-3156).
  • sanic - Python 3.5+ web server that's written to go fast.
  • Quart - An asyncio web microframework with the same API as Flask.
  • Kyoukai - Fully async web framework for Python3.5+ using asyncio.
  • cirrina - Opinionated asynchronous web framework based on aiohttp.
  • autobahn - WebSocket and WAMP supporting asyncio and Twisted, for clients and servers.
  • websockets - A library for building WebSocket servers and clients in Python with a focus on correctness and simplicity.
  • Tornado - Performant web framework and asynchronous networking library.

Message Queues

Libraries to implement applications using message queues.

  • aioamqp - AMQP implementation using asyncio.
  • aiozmq - Asyncio (pep 3156) integration with ZeroMQ.
  • crossbar - Crossbar.io is a networking platform for distributed and microservice applications.

Database Drivers

Libraries to connect to databases.

  • asyncpg - Fast PostgreSQL Database Client Library for Python/asyncio.
  • asyncpgsa - Asyncpg with sqlalchemy core support.
  • aiopg - Library for accessing a PostgreSQL database.
  • aiomysql - Library for accessing a MySQL database
  • aioodbc - Library for accessing a ODBC databases.
  • motor - The async Python driver for MongoDB.
  • aioredis - aio-libs Redis client (PEP 3156).
  • asyncio-redis - Redis client for Python asyncio (PEP 3156).
  • aiocouchdb - CouchDB client built on top of aiohttp (asyncio).
  • aioinflux - InfluxDB client built on top of aiohttp.
  • aioes - Asyncio compatible driver for elasticsearch.
  • peewee-async - ORM implementation based on peewee and aiopg.
  • GINO - is a lightweight asynchronous Python ORM based on SQLAlchemy core, with asyncpg dialect.


Libraries to communicate in your network.

  • AsyncSSH - Provides an asynchronous client and server implementation of the SSHv2 protocol.


Libraries to test asyncio based applications.

  • aiomock - A python mock library that supports async methods.
  • asynctest - Enhance the standard unittest package with features for testing. asyncio libraries
  • pytest-asyncio - Pytest support for asyncio.

Alternative Loops

Alternative asyncio loop implementations.

  • uvloop - Ultra fast implementation of asyncio event loop on top of libuv.
  • curio - The coroutine concurrency library.


Other awesome asyncio libraries.

  • aiofiles - File support for asyncio.
  • aiodebug - A tiny library for monitoring and testing asyncio programs.
  • aiorun - A run() function that handles all the usual boilerplate for startup and graceful shutdown.
  • aiozipkin - Distributed tracing instrumentation for asyncio with zipkin


Documentation, blog posts, and other awesome writing about asyncio.


People has given awesome talks about asyncio.