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This repository is only used for the GitHub issue tracker.

Contributing via University or other programs

The TimVideos project has a dedicated issue tracker which contains tasks (both small and large) which are suitable for contributing as part of organised programs like;

We are very happy to work with students who wish to contribute to the TimVideos project as part of their university course work (and happy to fill out the required paper work).

Smaller Bugs

If you are looking for smaller bugs to get started with, try the global TimVideos issue tracker and look for bugs marked with the Good First Bug label.

Using the Issue Tracker

Using Labels to Filter

Issue Filter

Issue Information

Issue Block Issue Page

Understanding Labels

All tasks in the tracker should have labels assigned to them. The labels have specific meanings which are listed here;

Difficulty Label

The difficulty label indicates how much knowledge or ability is needed in the skills labels attached.

Easy tasks are suitable for people who might not have the skill(s) / language(s) listed but are willing to learn them. Easy tasks should be comprehensively specified.

Medium tasks are suitable for people who already have some experience with the skill(s) / language(s) and reasonable confident with them. Medium tasks might require some research or independent development.

Challenging tasks are suitable for people who have extensive experience with the skill(s) / language(s) and are confident in their ability with them. These tasks might also be underspecified and require a lot of independent research.

While tasks at any level can be completed by anyone, the levels generally map the following experience levels,

  • Easy tasks are ideally suited to students who are currently starting out at University or wishing to learn new skills.
  • Medium tasks are better suited to students who are at the end of their undergraduate degrees.
  • Challenging tasks are better suited to people who are doing post graduate work.

More Information

More information about the TimVideos project and contributing the TimVideos developer website can be found at