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IMPORTANT – TinkerPop is now a part of the Apache Software Foundation and TinkerPop 3.x is the latest incarnation of The TinkerPop. This project is TinkerPop 2.x and is no longer active.

Rexster is a graph server that exposes any Blueprints graph through REST and a binary protocol called RexPro. The HTTP web service provides standard low-level GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE methods, a flexible extensions model which allows plug-in like development for external services (such as adhoc graph queries through Gremlin), server-side “stored procedures” written in Gremlin, and a browser-based interface called The Dog House. Rexster Console makes it possible to do remote script evaluation against configured graphs inside of a Rexster Server.1

Rexster Kibbles is a collection of various Rexster server extensions provided by TinkerPop.

Please join the Gremlin users group at for all TinkerPop related discussions.

Access graphs via the Basic REST API:

  "results": {

or through RexPro:

RexsterClient client ="localhost", "tinkergraph");
List<Map<String, Object>> results = client.execute("g.v(1).map");

Rexster JavaDoc:
Rexster WikiDoc:


Non-Maven users can get the raw release jars from Apache’s Central Repository. Snapshots can be obtained from Sonatype (see Maven Repositories for more information).

1 Rexster documentation is up to date with the current Rexster codebase, not with the latest Rexster release.

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