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RexPro is designed to be language agnostic, such that virtually any programming language, especially those languages that support MsgPack, can connect to a RexPro Server. Rexster comes bundled with a Java client, called RexsterClient, that allows low-level connectivity via RexPro, sending sessionless messages.

The following Maven dependency is required for accessing RexsterClient classes:


Use the RexsterClientFactory to create a RexsterClient instance:

RexsterClient client =;
RexsterClient client ="localhost");
RexsterClient client ="localhost", 8184);

All three of the above initializations of RexsterClient are equivalent. When no arguments are specified, the factory will initialize the RexsterClient to connect to localhost on the standard RexPro port 8184. There are numerous settings and configurations for initializing a RexsterClient instance which are described further below. Once RexsterClient is initialized, it is possible to send a Gremlin script to the RexPro Server:

List<Map<String, Object>> results = client.execute("g=rexster.getGraph(\\"tinkergraph\\");g.v(1).map");
Map<String, Object> map = results.get(0);

As RexsterClient uses sessionless requests, g must be initialized on each request. To get around this problem set the graph-name configuration setting when instantiating RexsterClient through RexsterClientFactory or simply use this convenience method overload:

RexsterClient client ="localhost", "tinkergraph");
List<Map<String, Object>> results = client.execute("g.v(1).map");
Map<String, Object> map = results.get(0);

When possible, parameterize Gremlin scripts, as this leads to better overall performance. The above example can be done as a parameterized request as follows:

RexsterClient client ="localhost", "tinkergraph");
List<Map<String, Object>> results = client.execute("g.v(start).map", 
    new HashMap<String, Object>(){{
        put("start", 1);
Map<String, Object> map = results.get(0);

Note that RexsterClient makes some assumptions about data types, as it is limited by MsgPack data types:

List<Map<String, Object>> mapResultsObject = client.execute("[n:1+1,b:true,f:1234.56f,s:'string',a:[1,2,3],m:[one:1]]");
Assert.assertEquals(1, mapResultsObject.size());
Map<String, Object> mapResultObject = mapResultsObject.get(0);
Assert.assertEquals(2l, mapResultObject.get("n"));
Assert.assertEquals(true, mapResultObject.get("b"));
Assert.assertEquals(1234.56d, (Double) mapResultObject.get("f"), 0.001d);
Assert.assertEquals("string", mapResultObject.get("s"));
Assert.assertEquals(3, ((Object []) mapResultObject.get("a")).length);
Assert.assertEquals(1l, ((Map) mapResultObject.get("m")).get("one"));

Advanced Usage

RexsterClient is designed with fault-tolerance in mind. In communication with a single RexPro Server, it can be configured to retry requests in the event of failure (e.g. temporary network problem). The following shows the default configuration in a more explicit way:

BaseConfiguration conf = new BaseConfiguration() {{
    addProperty(RexsterClientTokens.CONFIG_MESSAGE_RETRY_COUNT, 16);
    addProperty(RexsterClientTokens.CONFIG_MESSAGE_RETRY_WAIT_MS, 50);
RexsterClient client =;

The above code shows a RexsterClient being configured to retry sending a message 16 times with a 50ms wait time between each failure.

Not all configurations of Rexster involve a single server. Configuring a set of RexPro Servers for better redundancy and availability is possible with certain graphs like Titan or Neo4j HA. There is also the option to configure a cluster of Titan Server instances which embed RexPro natively. In these cases, RexsterClient can be configured to round-robin request to each of the RexPro Servers in the cluster.

BaseConfiguration conf = new BaseConfiguration() {{
    addProperty(RexsterClientTokens.CONFIG_HOSTNAME, ",,");
    addProperty(RexsterClientTokens.CONFIG_MESSAGE_RETRY_WAIT_MS, 0);
RexsterClient client =;

In this above example, RexsterClient is configured to send requests to three different RexPro Servers. If a request fails, the client does not wait between failed requests, it simply tries to send the request to the next available RexPro Server in the list. Note that the default setting of 16 retries is established by RexsterClientFactory since it was not otherwise specified.


The following settings are available when configuring a RexsterClient instance. These settings can be passed to the method as a Map<String,Object> or Apache Configuration object.

name default description
hostname localhost The RexPro Server host to connect to. Note that this value may be set to a comma separated list of hosts.
port 8184 The RexPro Server port to connect to. If multiple hosts are defined, each host must listen on the same port.
timeout-connection-ms 8000 How long to wait for a connection to open to the RexPro Server.
timeout-write-ms 4000 How long to wait for a write of a message to the RexPro Server.
timeout-read-ms 16000 How long to wait for a read of a response from the RexPro Server.
message-retry-count 16 The number of times to retry the request if any of the above fail.
message-retry-wait-ms 50 The amount of time to wait if any of the above fail.
max-async-write-queue-size 512000 The size in bytes of the queue on the client for sending requests to the RexPro Server. This queue can backup if network performance is poor or Rexster slows/stops.
language groovy The Gremlin flavor to use to execute the script.
graph-name The name of the graph configured in Rexster to use as the subject of the script. Typically, the graph must be retrieved in the script via rexster.getGraph(). This setting in conjunction with graph-obj-name help to simplify a script by putting the graph specified here in the Script Engine bindings so that it is ready for the script.
graph-obj-name g If graph-name is specified then the graph instance is assigned to the value of this setting in the bindings so that it can be instantly referenced in the script.
channel 2 The serialization channel for RexPro. By default this value is set to MsgPack. Values are defined as constants in RexProChannel
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