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Label management (create/rename/update/delete) on Github as code.

  • Using GitHub?
  • Want to commit/copy/share your label configuration?
  • Use labeler!

For FOSS maintainers, enable your users to submit PRs and improve the process/label system!

Inspired by infrastructure as code tools like Terraform and organized label systems in projects like these:


Get binaries for OS X / Linux / Windows from the latest release.

Or use go get:

go get -u


First, set a GitHub token in the environment (optional, the token can be set as an cli argument as well).

export GITHUB_TOKEN=xxx
  • The token for public repos need the public_repo scope.
  • The token for private repos need the repo scope.

Scanning labels

To scan existing labels from a repository and save it to a file:

labeler scan labels.yaml --repo owner/name

Which when run against a "new" repo created on GitHub, will:

  • Fetch bug with color fc2929
  • Fetch duplicate with color cccccc
  • Fetch enhancement with color 84b6eb
  • Fetch invalid with color e6e6e6
  • Fetch question with color cc317c
  • Fetch wontfix with color ffffff

And write them into labels.yaml, creating the file if it doesn't exist, otherwise overwriting its contents.

Applying labels

To apply labels to a repository:

labeler apply labels.yaml --dryrun

Where labels.yaml is like:

repo: owner/name
  - name: bug
    color: fc2929
  - name: help wanted
    color: 000000
  - name: fix
    color: cccccc
    from: wontfix
  - name: notes
    color: fbca04

Which when run against a "new" repo created on GitHub, will:

  • Rename wontfix to fix with color ffffff to ffffff
  • Update help wanted with color 159818 to 000000
  • Create notes with color fbca04
  • Delete duplicate with color cccccc
  • Delete enhancement with color 84b6eb
  • Delete invalid with color e6e6e6
  • Delete question with color cc317c

When run again, rename changes will not be run because the label already exists. In this manner, this tool is idempotent.

Usage options

$ labeler
Labeler is a CLI application for managing labels on Github as code.

With the ability to scan and apply label changes, repository maintainers can
empower contributors to submit PRs and improve the project management
process/label system!

  labeler [command]

Available Commands:
  apply       Apply a YAML label definition file
  completion  Output shell completion code for tab completion
  scan        Save a repository's labels into a YAML definition file
  version     Print the version information

Use "labeler [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Tab completion

source <(labeler completion)


glide is used to manage vendor dependencies.


  • Plan -> execute (aka always dry-run first).
  • Automatically update file after renaming operations are complete.
  • Organizational support (apply/only-add one config to all repos in an organization).


This could use your contribution! Help me create a runnable test suite.

See also