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Base Springboot Project

This project exists just as a template for me to use for other projects.

To Run

From the command line

mvn spring-boot:run

From Intellij

  1. Import the project. Step through the defaults using the import wizard.

  2. From the navigation menu, choose Run -> Edit Configurations

  3. Click the plus sign and select Maven. For the name, enter SpringBoot. For the command line, enter spring-boot:run. Click OK.

  4. From the Run menu, select Run 'SpringBoot'


  1. Install Springsource Tool Suite

  2. Import the Eclipse project.

  3. Right-click on the project and choose Configure -> Convert to Maven Project

  4. Right-click on the project and choose Run As -> Spring Boot App.

You should be able to go to the home page, which would be. http://localhost:8080/index.html