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lebigot commented Dec 5, 2019

As a user (not versed in vimscript), I can't figure out how to use this module: may I suggest that it could be used by many more people if there was a user guide, that starts with the most commonly used features?

For example, I had no idea of how to do completion in vim-lsp: the provided links are not clear.

Another example is warnings: they are active by default, but how to learn more about

chengzeyi commented Nov 10, 2019

Hi, there.
It seemed that when I wanted to sort the completion items by priority according to the document, the completion menu did not pop up after pressing the trigger character ('.', '>' or ':'). I used the file source and lsp source, and everything went OK after I remo

filmil commented May 3, 2019

Following the instructions from gives me the following message:

E117: Unknown function: asyncomplete#sources#gocode#get_source_options
E116: Invalid arguments for function asyncomplete#register_source
Press ENTER or type command to continue

The function asyncomplete#sources#gocode#get_source_options is present in the source, but apparently doesn't get picked up for wh

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