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anowlcalledjosh commented Apr 25, 2018

Issue Prelude

Please complete these steps and check these boxes (by putting an x inside
the brackets) before filing your issue:

  • I have read and understood YCM's [CONTRIBUTING][cont] document.
  • I have read and understood YCM's [CODE_OF_CONDUCT][code] document.
  • I have read and understood YCM's [README][readme], **especially the
    [Frequently Asked Questions][faq]
ilohmar commented Oct 18, 2019

I seem to recall that, reading some docs or maybe code of the out-of-the-box backends, there once was a common understanding how backends should be written:

  • they should check if they apply (in particular, to the current major-mode)
  • they should thus work when simply adding them to a globally customized company-backends

Maybe that was just in my head, or maybe it has changed since, so h

JPFrancoia commented Dec 27, 2017


I have been using completor for a few months now, and I think it's (almost) perfect. I had been looking for a completion tool for ages, but I found nothing as simple and efficient as completor.

However, a few points could be improved (but maybe there is already a solution):

  • If I open a python file, and when completor completes a function call, the doc buffer (where the docstring of
YesserLab commented Oct 19, 2019

When accessing members of an object (through a pointer), it's much faster and more convenient to simply write the . operator and have it automatically converted into a ->
Several IDEs offer this like QtCreator and VisualStudio.

Foo* Bar;
// Magic :D

Thanks in advance

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