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Edge is a simple theme with bright colors. Edge comes in three versions — Night Sky, Serene and Ocean for all day long comfortable work. The theme has a few customisable options to help you personalise your experience with it.


Local development

  • Clone this repo
  • yarn install will install the required dev dependencies
  • yarn watch will watch the files for changes and generate the themes/schemes
  • yarn build will build the theme files
  • yarn test will run the tests
  • yarn a11y will check the colors in all the themes for accessibility

Files and folder structure

├── assets
│   └── icons
│       ├── common
│       ├── night-sky
│       ├── ocean
│       └── serene
├── gulp
├── icons
├── dist
│   └── alfred
│   └── iterm2
│   └── sublimetext
│   └── vim
│   └── vscode
├── src
│   ├── config
│   │   └── alfred
│   │   └── iterm2
│   │   └── sublimetext
│   │   └── vim
│   │   └── vscode
│   ├── utils
├── Edge Theme.sketch
├── gulpfile.babel.js
├── package.json
└── yarn.lock
  • assets/icons contains the UI icons for the various themes
  • gulp contains the tasks for development, e.g. building the themes
  • icons contains the file_type icons. Please note that Edge for Sublime Text 3 supports A File Icon package.
  • src contains the source files, as follows:
  • src/config -> general config and editor-specific files, such as templates that are generated
  • src/utils -> various util files, such as accessibility utils, logger and color utils

Editor specific

Sublime Text 3

There's a small workflow you can apply to make modifications on the themes and have them reflect on the Sublime editor UI.

  1. git clone
  2. yarn install
  3. yarn build
  4. cd <path-to-sublime-text-3-packages> && rm -rf Edge\ Theme #if you have the theme installed
  5. ln -s <path-to-edge-theme-repo>/dist/sublime-text Edge\ Theme
  6. cd <path-to-edge-theme-repo>
  7. Make changes
  8. yarn build


There's no workflow you can apply to make modifications on the color schemes and have them immediately reflect on the iTerm2 UI. However, you can still use the release task to generate the color schemes that you can then re-import into iTerm2.

  1. git clone
  2. yarn install
  3. yarn build
  4. Make changes
  5. yarn build
  6. Launch iTerm 2.
  7. Click on iTerm2 menu title
  8. Select the Preferences option
  9. Select Profiles
  10. Navigate to Colors tab
  11. Click on Color Presets
  12. Click on Import
  13. Select the .itermcolors files of the schemes from <path-to-edge-theme-repo>/dist/iterm2
  14. Click on Color Presets and choose a color scheme that you previously imported.


With Slack, you can customize the sidebar theme by pasting the following color codes in your Sidebar Theme section under Slack's Preferences:

Edge Night Sky


Edge Serene


Edge Ocean



A simple theme with bright colors for your coding needs





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