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@tcoulter tcoulter released this Jul 18, 2016 · 8218 commits to master since this release

Great news: I'm happy to announce the release of Truffle v2.0! 🎉


First uninstall your current version of Truffle then install the new one:

$ npm uninstall -g truffle
$ npm install -g truffle 
$ truffle --version  # => 2.0.0

Changelog / New Features

The goal of Truffle 2.0 was to tackle complexity all across the application. The largest feature in this release is the addition of Migrations, which allow you to deploy complex applications with ease. Many other changes were under the hood, which resulted in significant decoupling of modules making them great for outside use. Be sure to check out our updated documentation for more information.

This version requires a lot of changes to project structure. To get familiar with the new version, consider starting a new project with truffle init before migrating your current project.

All notable changes, in bulleted list form:

  • Migrations for complex deployments. This means the deploy configuration has been completely removed, in favor of a simple yet powerful migrations system.
  • The concept of Environments has been removed and has been replaced by Networks.
  • The Truffle console has been significantly improved.
  • Now uses EtherPudding 3.0. This reduces complexity especially on your application's frontend, and no longer requires Pudding as a frontend dependency.
  • Solidity imports are now relative to the contract that depends on those imports. Import paths must be prefixed by ./ or ../. All other imports will error.
  • As mentioned, many changes under the hood. You can now use Truffle as a node dependency within your applications, and only use the modules you need.
  • Many more upgrades and bug fixes.

Have Issues?

Check out our Truffle gitter to chat with the community. As well, you can always file an issue in the Truffle issues tracker.

-- Truffle team

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