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Bridges Instagram media to Matrix. Talk about it on Matrix:



  • NodeJS (v6.9 or higher recommended)
  • A Synapse server
  • An Instagram application to hook up to


  • OAuth with Instagram to avoid rate limit problems
  • Handling of authenticated users (subscribe API)
  • Posting media to Matrix rooms
  • Hashtag rooms - #4
  • Provisioning API - #9
  • Stats/Monitoring API - #10
  • Being able to unsubscribe your account from the bridge - #15

Things that won't be added

  • Matrix to Instagram (prohibited by Instagram)
  • Posting media for non-authenticated users (prohibited by Instagram)


Before you begin: A Synapse server is required. The instructions here assume that Synapse server is a default setup.

  1. Clone this repository and install the depdendencies

    git clone
    cd matrix-appservice-instagram
    npm install
  2. Copy config/sample.yaml to config/config.yaml and fill in the appropriate fields

  3. Generate the registration file

    node app.js -r -u "http://localhost:9000" -c config/config.yaml

    Note: The default URL to run the appservice is http://localhost:9000. If you have other appservices, or other requirements, pick an appropriate hostname and port.

  4. Copy/symlink the registration file to your Synapse directory

    cd ~/.synapse
    ln -s ../matrix-appservice-instagram/appservice-registration-instagram.yaml appservice-registration-instagram.yaml
  5. Add the registration file to your homeserver.yaml

    app_service_config_files: ["appservice-registration-instagram.yaml"]
  6. Restart Synapse (synctl restart, for example)


Using the port specified during the install (9000 by default), use node app.js -p 9000 -c config/config.yaml from the repository directory.

The bridge should start working shortly afterwards.


Invite the Instagram account to your room. For example, will invite turt2live's Instagram virtual user to the room.

Only users that have allowed the bridge to post media will post media in Matrix. To allow the bridge to use your account, open a conversation with and send the message !auth.

General information and stuff

This is based off matrix-appservice-bridge and uses instagram-api to connect to Instagram for media processing.

Instagram users are encouraged to authenticate with the bridge (in a 1:1 conversation, send !auth) so their media can be sent to people on Matrix.

matrix-appservice-twitter was used as a reference implementation of a Synapse appservice - thanks Half-Shot!

The privacy policy can be seen in