Tuttle OFX is a library to connect and batch operations with OpenFx plugins. It comes with a set of plugins that allows you to batch process on movies and file sequences.
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TuttleOFX project is an image processing framework based on OpenFX plugin format.
More informations on the official website :http://www.tuttleofx.org.

The project is composed of 4 main parts:

  • Tuttle Host Library, an OpenFX host that allows you to manipulate a graph of OpenFX nodes.
  • Tuttle Plugin Library, a library to facilitate the creation of OpenFX plugins.
  • Tuttle plugins, a set of OpenFX plugins for image processing and image/video IO.
  • Sam, a set of command line tools.

![Stories Ready](https://badge.waffle.io/tuttleofx/tuttleofx.svg?label=1 - Ready&title=Ready) ![Stories In Progress](https://badge.waffle.io/tuttleofx/tuttleofx.svg?label=2 - Working&title=In Progress)
Click on the waffle badge above to have a big picture view of what's in progress and how you can contribute.



How to use

See USAGE.md


See Doxygen documentation.


Retrieve a dedicated environment with TuttleOFX installed:

docker pull tuttleofx/tuttleofx
docker run -i -t tuttleofx/tuttleofx

See Docker Hub


Getting the source

git clone --recursive git://github.com/tuttleofx/TuttleOFX.git


Plugin creation

See plugins/_scripts/README.md

More information

Check TuttleOFX website for more information.


TuttleOFX public repository.


OpenFX plugin standard.



Developers mailing-list (public)


Users mailing-list (public)


Contact the team in private


The github issues module for bug report